Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 1124 - Jun 27, 2011

This morning I dealt with a pile of phone calls and then we ran some errands this afternoon. Kevin and I were planning to go to the Humor for Heroes comedy show tonight, but I was just too tired and had too much paperwork to do to skip out for that length of time. I called Breezy and asked her to take her brother to the show and I decided to watch Christian (thinking he might sleep for a bit and I could get things done), but it didn't work out as planned.

That poor little boy is just miserable and won't sit or lay down hardly at all. Breezy took him back to the docs today and neither one of us were fond of his remark that she's just worrying because she's a new mom. Christian can barely breathe so I think she is planning to find another pediatrician.

So the kids did have a great time at the show. Kevin had more fun this time than he did the last time he went, which I believe was last November. I was glad he got to go out with his sister too - they rarely do that anymore.

And that's about it for today so I'll just sign off now...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Leslie~ I met Kevin (and Brianna -she works with my dear friend, Elizabeth) at the Humor for Heroes. He showed me a photo of himself - taken a while back I'm guessing because he still had his trach. Kevin is an amazing person! I thanked him for his service, and I want to thank you for your sacrifice. Blessings! Kay S.