Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 498 - Oct 9, 2009

The hotel is all taken care of. Thank goodness! I was so worried that we would check out today and have nowhere to go. I believe a Col got involved from Ft Stewart and things just miraculously happened. Matter of fact, I was told to go to any hotel I wanted and it would get covered. So I did. I booked us rooms at a Hawthorne Suites because it is basically an apartment. We got two rooms - Breezy has her own and Kevin and I are sharing a 2 bedroom suite that has a full kitchen. I just can't wait to stuff a turkey or a chicken or something (have y'all figured out that I just LOVE stuffing? LOL). We are all so darn tired of eating out!!

But, we didn't leave the hospital today after all. I had the option of going to the hotel with Kevin, but I just wanted to make sure we had his pain controlled after last night's incident. He did pretty good most of the day, but he was in more pain this evening so I am glad we stayed. I may decide not to discharge us tomorrow too - I need to think about it. I will see how he handles his first shower tomorrow and go from there, I guess.

So here's a photo of Kevin from today. His head is still a little swollen, but he is lookin' good, huh? I just so hope that we don't have to remove that plate!

Look at his trach site! It is gone! Impressive, huh? It looks like they are going to have to fix his one eye because the doc put too much skin there and he intends to do it the same way he did the trach area.

And we decided not to fix the area above his lip on the left side. It is very taut and you can see how it is pulling his lip upward, stretching it quite a bit, but it is a major surgery apparently. The surgeon said he would basically have to cut that whole muscle out and rebuild it. He doesn't suggest it and after hearing that, I agree.

And now I am signing off so that I can finish watching 'Hitch' with Kevin. Will Smith is so awesome, isn't he? He can always make us laugh!


Alison said...

Kevin looks great. Love that smile!

Hope the antibiotics are kicking the bug's butt, and that the pain levels are to a point where you can get out of the hospital and into that hotel today. VERY GLAD to hear that you got the situation taken care of and are in a much better place.

The kitchen sounds fantastic. Now I'm hungry... :P

Hope you all are well, thoughts and prayers still coming your way.

sherri said...

The pic of Kevin is great. He really looks wonderful. So glad to hear that you were able to get into a nicer hotel. I can't stand staying in a place that doesn't seem clean,so I can totally understand your problem with that and even moreso with Kevin's need to be in a healthy environment. Having a kitchen to boot will make it a little more homey. You sound in such good spirits and Kevin looks so happy; it does my old heart good as the saying goes. I hope that they're able to get Kevin's pain under control and that everything continues to go well. Thinking of you as always. Love you.

Jodi said...

WOW!! Kevin looks FANTASTIC!! Great news!

Glad you got a nice hotel too. You all deserve it!

Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Anonymous said...

I will repeat what everyone else has said. LOL! Kevin looks great! So nice to see a smile on his face. I hope it is all up hill from here and each day gets better and better. Hugs and prayer...Michelle Long

Long-time RN said...

I'll jump in with everyone else above-Kevin looks super! What a fantastic job on the (former) trach site. Kevin's smile is precious.

Great reading the hotel situation was handled! Here's to good cooking and space to kick back.

Jessica said...

God bless whoever got involved so you could pick a nicer hotel! That's fantastic that you all have some more room and a kitchen waiting for you once Kevin is released. He's looking good and I'm glad the doctors are going to consider stronger meds before deciding whether to remove the plate. Makes sense to me, anyway!

Love that movie, Hitch! Kevin James and Will Smith are a great combination and should do a movie together again.

I'll be thinking of you all and praying that Kevin's pain stays under control and is released soon. And of course that the antibiotics keep doing their job. Take care!