Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 100 - Sept 8, 2008

Oh what a wonderful day!

Today...on day 100...Kevin had his first drink of Pepsi! We tried an ice cube first, but he spit it right out. We then tried water and he didn't really care for it, but as soon as we brought the cola out - he drank 8 sips or more. We used a spoon and he loved it!

He also sat in a chair for about an hour today.

And he moved his RIGHT leg up and down on his own during therapy! I just couldn't believe it when I saw it. He literally moved it on his own! He is also starting to relax his right arm more and more as well.

He is also trying desperately to talk and he is actually "talking", we just don't understand the words yet! He seems to have latched on to the "TH" sound and uses it frequently. He talked to a bunch of my family on the phone and he held it again and was making sounds each time someone stopped speaking. I think he really understands some of what is being said and tries to make appropriate responses.

He also cried today because Breezy was crying. She was crying out of happiness at everything he was doing. He just didn't understand that. He kept looking at her and crying and he was so visibly upset. It was hard to see - but it's still another sign of improvement and I am looking at it just like that. We now have to be extra careful not to show too much emotion - something very difficult for 2 women, lol.

Then he allowed me to brush his teeth and the roof of his mouth (which had 1/4 inch of dried phlegm stuck to it)! This is something he never allows anyone to do. I told him that a dentist was coming in the morning and they were going to put him to sleep to peel it off the roof of his mouth and clean his teeth unless he allowed me to get it out and he unbelievably let me do it. Actually - he helped. He was taking his finger and inserting it into his mouth and trying to scrape it off. I tell ya - what a wonderful day.

And the very best part of today? He has been hugging all day and when I tried to teach him to blow a kiss - he put his arm around my neck and pulled my mouth down to his and kissed me right on the lips! I didn't understand what he was trying to do for a moment. I thought he just wanted a hug at first and it finally dawned on me what he wanted. I was so scared to actually touch my lips to his due to contact and the passing of germs, but I couldn't not do it. I must say - my heart just melted right then and there.

It really was a most exciting day!

So I want to just answer some of the questions. First, I want to say to Jodi and the rest of Andrew's family - maybe Andrew is with Kevin today on his very special day. Maybe that is why Kevin is doing so well? I don't know, but there's a reason things happen as they do, I firmly believe that. I so wish Andrew could still be with you though. And James with his family as well. And I remember how horrible it was to let Kevin's birthday come and go - I can only imagine what y'all are going through. My thoughts are, and always will be, with you! I love you guys!

To Jenny in Melbourne - I have to admit that I did wonder who was reading from Australia. I have many friends around the globe, but I don't think I know anyone from there, lol. It's just amazing how far and wide our little story has gone.

As to our address - we can't get mail at the Fisher House so please send all mail to the Clarion. Breezy is staying at the hotel for a while and I am staying here. You are right Holee, it isn't the nicest hotel I have ever been in, not by a long shot (although the pool is wonderful). I am actually surprised that Breezy is still there, lol. I guess any place is better than one little bedroom with your mom sleeping with you (grin).

Now I am going to curl up with John Grisham tonight. He's another favorite author of mine - at least his law stories are.

Here's hoping tomorrow shows even more improvement (or at least a continuation of what he did today - I am still so excited!!)


LISA said...


Well..hip hip hooray for such a positive day.

Kevin's mouth probably felt so good after brushing and getting rid of all of that gunk that he just wanted a kiss. : )

Maybe all of that stuff in the roof of his mouth was helping him with the "th" sound. Bet he makes even better sounds tomorrow. So glad you got his mouth clean. He has to feel so much better.

The right side of Kevin's body reacting...thanks to Kevin's brain.I can't even imagine the happiness you felt in watching. FANTASTIC NEWS..

I'm sure when Kevin was working at the grocery store, he dealt with the Pepsi salesman and delivery guys. I'll bet they'd get a kick out of hearing that Pepsi take to back to their home office. : )

I look for only good things to happen in Tampa. What emotions you all are feeling..sharing Kevin and Brianna's tears must have been filled with so many mixed feeling tears of your own.

May each day continue to get better. Happy day 100.

Goodnight. Enjoy your evening with John. : )

Jessica said...

What a way to celebrate Day 100! Pepsi must taste so good after tasting nothing for so long. I'll be praying for his speech development, too, and that he gets a great speech therapist. It sounds like his mood has really improved, too. All good things! :)

Holee said...

I'm doing the happy dance for you! I was so praying that his age would let the brain make new connections like I've been reading about..all I can say is The Power of Prayer from so many people.

Breezy, I lived in Florida and didn't have much money back then. My favorite weapons were raid and a fly swatter. I also had a lot of tupperware. We Pennsylvanian's are just not use to the palmetto bugs. The secret is to never turn the lights out. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Leslie...what a wonderful day indeed...I love the story of that kiss!

Lisa D. in California

Gretchen said...

What wonderful news!! He's making such progress - it's absolutely amazing. Les, I sent you an email about calling you - I know you're uber busy but do you think you could drop me a line with a phone number? I'd love to start calling you again. *HUGS* and WTG Kevin!! :)

moofoot said...

That is wonderful news. 100 days is quite the milestone!! You have been so strong and Kevin has come so far and I am sure we will keep getting GREAT NEWS as his therapy progresses!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that a speech pathologist is involved and knows that you're giving him a carbonated beverage. The carbonation can give his body more information so they can be valuable, but be careful. Just because he doesn't cough, doesn't mean it went down the right way. It sounds like a great day and the start of many more to come.

Anonymous said...

One more thing re: his mouth, if you think the speech pathologist is open to suggestions, ask about the Frazier Free Water protocol. That's a program that some speech paths use that emphasizes oral hygiene and water consumption.

Jodi said...

Leslie and Breezy!
I am typing this through a river of tears, but they are tears of HAPPINESS!!! What an AWESOME, FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL and TERRIFIC day!!!!!! So many milestones! And the fact that he moved his right leg?? That is the best of all!!! Well, that and he gave you a kiss Leslie!!! God, I can't tell you how excited I am!!! Yes, I hope that Andrew was with Kevin today, helping him achieve all these wonderful things! It made that difficult day so much better!! WOW! I can't wait to share this wonderful news with every one of my friends and family that don't have the opportunity to read your blog every day. They ask me daily how Kevin and you two are doing.
Kevin, RIGHT ON KIDDO!!! Congratulations on all your achievements!! You keep fighing and getting better! I can't wait for the day that I receive one of those hugs your mom and sister loves so much!!!!!
Leslie, here is to another fantastic days for you guys! I know you have made mine!!!
Healing and positive thoughts for Kevin.
Safe thoughts for all military personnel and Alan.
Big hugs and lots of kisses for all of you!!!!!!!!
All my love!!!!!!!!!!
Andrew's Aunt Jodi

lori said...


i am one of those 'stalkers' that you don't know who i am, but rest assured... i have followed kevin's story through your blog and pray for all of you everyday. i sit hear with tears pouring down my face for all of you, how wonderful that your son gave you a kiss. i am so happy for you.

i pray that God will continue to strenthen and encourage you & breezy as you care for kevin. and i pray that he will continue to heal, grow strong and communicate with you, which will help relieve alot of his frustration.

i have commented before and i am sure that i will again. but i want to thank you for sharing your journey with us and i want to thank kevin for defending our country with his very life. what a true hero he is to me.

may God be with all of you today and may day #101 be a special day filled with more blessings.

blsnow said...

YAY Kevin! This is awesome news. It is only gonna get better from here.

I have a question for you Leslie, Did they remove the trach yet? If not have they given you time frame for when they will remove it? I'm just curious.

I hope everything goes as well today as it did yesterday.

Brittany Snow

Haleigh said...

hey leslie,
its haleigh. you know, zachs sister.
sister haleigh as kevin calls me.
but anbyways. im so happy to hear that kevin is doing well.
I am writing on behalf of the school newspaper, the gremlin gazette, and we are doing an article on Kevin. I took this assignment because I am one of the ones who knew Kevin like he was, and not how he is. I'm in need of your input for this article. I need to know what you want in it, or not in it. If you could please email me back at

it would greatly be appreciated.
I will be sure to send you the rough draft and final copy for more of you input.

Prayers to Kevin, You, and Breezy


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! I am so very happy for all three of you, especially Kevin. Way to go!! Keep fighting!! So many prayers come your way every day, and it so good to hear they are being answered. I can't wait for the next post. Reading your post is the very first thing I do every day before I leave for work. Stay strong and as always we continue to pray for all three of you.

Anonymous said...

Wow Les, you sure did bring tears to my eyes, I bet that was the sweetest kiss you have ever gotten. Here is hoping that all is even better today for you guys. Keep up the good work Kevin Love ya, Pam

Lisa said...

What wonderful news.....great day indeed. We continue to pray for all of you. Here's hoping today will bring more to celebrate !!!!!!!!

Vicki C said...

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Genny Davis said...

This is truely amazing! I love reading how much he improves everyday. We just need to keep praying he keeps improving and when you all do come home he will be able to live a somewhat normal life. Congradutations on the good news! Let him know the Davis family is very proud of the progress he is making.

Linda said...

Your post today was so wonderful to read!! How proud you must be...and that pepsi tasted SO good!
Keep up the good work in your progression! My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you!
I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Anonymous said...

Les, Breezy, and Kevin,
I read everyday along with Jeohn (my fiance) and keep each other up-to-date with whats going on. I can't believe its been 100 days since this all began and not only that but I can't believe that he got to drink pespi again (knowing thats all you guys ever drank!) But just a friendly reminder that there is only 9 months to my wedding and as well as he is doing, it just might be possible for all three of you to be at my wedding. I pray everyday and i think of you all, all the time. I love all three of you, as an extension of my own family. Please let Kev know I really want the boy growing up that I called my "brother" to be there when I get married.

Love you all,

Sara F.

Aggie said...

YAY!!!!!!! WOW! pepsi - truly is the taste of a new generation! So glad Kevin enjoyed the treat. And And it sounds like he is undertanding things more and more! Love can be understood in so many ways, and I beleive Kevin is responding to the love you and Breezy ahve given him. It is teh power of all these positive thoughts helping. Every step of improvement is a miracle! It was so wonderful to read today's blog entry! I am thinking about all of you everyday....will try to get in touch with you this week sometime this week.

armyparents said...

That is awesome news. He is truly a heroe. With everyone around the world praying and rooting for him. He has a family that loves him very much and I believe he will continue to get better. I cannot even imagine how you must be feeling right now. Please tell him Josh Barnhill is continously thinking of him and will visit again when he is back in the states. Josh will pass the word to his fellow soldiers this great news. Love the Barnhill/Vance family

Tina Weena~ said...

Kevin, Breezy, & Leslie,
I am so excited to hear that Kevin is one step closer to becoming what he once was, we know though that it may take awhile, but time does heal! I love you guys and I think about you everyday, take care & maybe we can all get together sometime!! LUV YA
Tina (Geist) Neal
& Family

Scott said...

100 Atta Girls to you!! You and Breezy are amazing!!!
Scott B