Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 94 - Sept 2, 2008

Wow - I have never seen so many doctors in one day in my life. Kevin had such a busy day and it tired us both out. We still haven't been moved to the 5th floor (rehab) as the docs still haven't cleared him, but hopefully tomorrow. In the meantime, I am just trying to get the lay of the land figured out and also trying to get all of the nurses trained for burns (it's nothing they deal with here). I had Kevin's room turned up to 80 and someone turned it back down to 60 overnight. Yikes! Burn victims can't get cold!

I am also concerned that he hasn't had any PT done since we got here and they don't want his compression clothing put on. I think I need to make a phone call to our burn doc and chat with him about what he needs. And Pam? If you are reading this - give me a call so we can discuss his physical therapy. I knew I should've put you in my suitcase!

I also met a few of the moms here tonight and although I have heard some real miracles, for the most part tonight was a very discouraging night. One woman has been here for 30 months. Her son lost all of the left side of his brain too and he still doesn't speak or anything (but he does make noise!). He has also had 2 cranioplasties done and both had to be removed. And he had 5 shunts removed due to infections. Aaargh! I suppose it's too much to hope that we don't have any of these problems?

I guess we all just need to keep that wish in our thoughts...

Oh - and Holee? There are actually raspberry chocolate chips. I always got them at the Spice Store in East Brady. I suppose a teaspoon of raspberry flavoring would work too. And I always use the Nestle Tollhouse recipe. Yummy!


LISA said...


I'm so glad you caught the temp turned down to 60. When I was in elementary school, I remember my Mother getting a call that my Dad had been in an explosion at work in a steel mill. He and another man were blown through the air..down quite a distance and had very bad burns. He was in a burn unit in Pittsburgh for a long time. I remember he had a lot of pain and the temp was critical.

When you think about everything that Kevin has had to deal with..burns, brain, eyes, fluid build up, broken bones, coma and the list goes on and on...he has progressed amazingly well.

It is a good thing you spent all of the time you did in Texas.. look at how well trained you are. You know what to do and you know how to "help" the nurses, who are not as familiar with what Kevin has going on as you are. What a blessing.

I swear you could be teaching this stuff...with all you've learned. The hospital staff probably feels thankful you brought your knowledge with you from Texas. It can only benefit everyone.

Isn't it nice that sometimes angels cross our path when we really need them the most...it sounds like Pam from Texas was one of those special angels. Next time, Leslie, get a bigger suitcase. ; )

STAY STRONG, dear Mother, caregiver, writer and friend to many. Prayers and healing thoughts sent to Kevin that he be one of those miracles.

Lisa Damrosch said...

I'm still reading daily from California. Every night before I go to bed I have to check on Kevin...and every day he (and you and Breezy) are in my prayers.

I just wanted you to know that you are a part of my daily life even though we've never met.

Hugs from California...Lisa D

Holee said...

How many times do Mom's tell their kids,"I don't care what John can do, I only care what you can do".

I have spent hours reading about brain injury. Two people can loose the same amount of brain in the same area but one might progress to different stages while the other does not. It might be that the one has kept one inch of the brain that the other didn't and he will be able to form words while the other never learns to sit up without being tied in the chair.

Don't be discouraged, you only care about what Kevin can do..and you care that you have him. This is a log of miracles and not a memorial page...just hug him when he lets you!

Looks like I'll be taking a nice fall ride to the spice store!

Your map will be so much more interesting then mine..your first visitor was from Germany! It won't show on the map until tomorrow.

Jan said...

Wow, all those moms living the life you've been living. You hear the news and kind of know what's going on, but not really. You hear numbers of injured but not what our servicemen and women go through afterwards. Or what their families go through.

I remain upbeat about the progress Kevin has been making lately and look forward to more good news once he's settled in.

Anonymous said...

Hey Leslie, I will give you a call .I have tried twice but I didn't get you but never fear I will try agian. I'm like an old shoe you just can't get rid off. It sounds like YOU are on top of everything that Kevin needs honey and you will find that although you think that the nurses and doctor know so much more you will be the BEST caregiver for Kevin. Take care and I will be calling. Love ya,Pam

Joan said...


So glad to hear you made it to Tampa and that things are getting straightened out there for you. It must have been a completely exhausting mve to make, but the fasct that Kevin is there means he's that much further on the road to recovery.
We're in the middle of dealing with a family emergency right now,(mother in law in the hopsital for the 3rd time with internal bleeding) plus my car is in the shop because a woman plowed into it in a parking lot. Jason had to hole up in his flooded dorm throughout Fay, missing quite a few meals (not great with his diabetes). He's survived all that and doing better now. So, I didn't get to read your blog for almost a week and just got caught up.

Keep the faith, honey, and when I get my own messes sorted out, I'll be calling to find out when I can come to see you.

Love you tons,

Joan said...

Sorry for all the typos in my post above... I've been up since 2:30am and am just plain stupid right now. *face red*

Again, so glad to know you are here in Florida. Praying every day for Kevin and you & Breezy.


Vicki C said...

Hope things start falling into place soon there.. so you can relax a bit. Hugs!

Donna said...


I don't know if you remember us and I sure didn't realize until tonight that Kevin is your son. Kevin came to our church (East Brady Baptist) the week before he deployed. He sat by himself (I think he was waiting for Pete Sapp, although I did not know this at the time), but I invited him to join Jamey and I in our pew. Coming from a mom who's son is now serving in Kuwait and served in Bosnia in 1999, I was proud to be sitting with Kevin, even though we did not know him.

When we heard about his accident, I turned to Jamey and said, don't you rememer him, that was the young man that sat with us in church that morning.

We have been praying for you, Breezy and Kevin all this time and it wasn't until I saw the article and picture tonight of the three of you that I realized who you were.

Leslie, as a mother who has a son serving over there, third deployment, second over seas, that we share the same safety concerns for our son that you had for Kevin. It has thus far, by the grace of God, that Bill has come home safely each time.

I'm sure you know of the, for our small community, mass involvement for Kevin with dozen of churches and hundreds of Christians praying for him and you and Breezy. We see the tee-shirts, the wrist bands, the signs asking for everyone to pray for Kevin, he surely is on the hearts and minds of everyone in our area.

I proudly wear Kevin's bracelet on my wrist and even more now that I realize who his mother is. I remember you as being always very kind to me, Arynne and Cara when we stop in at your store.

Leslie, I really don't know if what I have said or can say that would ease the pain and axiety that you are going through and feeling at this time, but know that Jamey and I are praying very steadly for you and we encourage you to not give up hope. We serve an almight God who has a plan for Kevin's life.

God bless you Leslie and may God continue to heal Kevin. Please try to remember to lean on him also. He's there for you.

Donna O'Hanlon

Barbara said...

Leslie, I've been reading your blog since it's start and I am so glad you've gotten to Tampa safely. Things will work out there. I had another friend who went through the program there. The Pittsburgh Steeler Fan Club of Baltimore Maryland will be sending you a few things to brighten up his room there. It may help in his recovery. Make sure you give us your Tampa address so we can get the items to you. When you return to San Antonio, I hope we can treat you to ameal on the Riverwalk.

Jessica said...

It sounds like a bit of an overwhelming day! I'll be praying that the nurses and doctors quickly get educated about burn victims. I'm sure everything will get worked out and running smoothly. Don't lose faith!