Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 111 - Sept 19, 2008

I am actually not going to write much tonight. I am just too wiped out.

I will say that we did get moved to a larger room, but we are now sharing with someone. I do prefer a single room, but am trying to look at this as a step forward.

And my niece Chrissy and her boyfriend Drew came over to visit. And even though they only live 20 mins away in St Pete - they are sleeping over with Breezy. I'm glad - she needs the companionship.

So I will write more tomorrow night. Goodnight all!


Vicki C said...

Rest up friend! Sleep well.

Anonymous said...

Maybe sharing a room will be good for Kevin;more outside stimulation.
It's nice that some of your family is close enough to be there for you three.Like you've said before
family is everything.
Get some rest...
Kim S

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that the owners of Hometown Grill(the old Rockers restaurant)gave us a
donation of $275 to cover the money donation can that was stolen from their business.By the way,you
know the owners..Lori ellenberger and her husband(i believe they were one of your previous landlords
up this way) They ask all the time about you three .Actually everyone up this way without internet access still asks how things are going for Kevin ,you and Breezey.
Kim S

Anonymous said...

I hope you rest well. It is so nice that some of your family can be with you and Breezy. We will pray that the move to a new room with another person will be a positive thing for all three of you. Take care, stay strong and as always we continue to pray for all three of you.

The Rock said...

Dear Leslie
It took me a while to catch up with your Blog, since the Hurricanes made us leave for 12 or so days.
When we came home we found Trees on top of our Roof from GUSTAV . So we have been busy!
It is so good to hear about Kevin's
Progress. And he does look good ! I am excited for all of you .
I know it is such a long process and I am sure it isn't easy for either of you .
But those little steps of today will turn out to big steps tomorrow.
As always , you are all in my prayers!
God bless you !
S.A, from Louisiana