Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 976 - Jan 30, 2011

This is the blog's 1000th post. Unbelievable, huh? Who would have thought I would still be writing three years later (it was started before Kevin was deployed) and that it would become such an interactive site. I am glad as to how it turned out because I think the bulk of the readers are pretty fantastic and I have enjoyed getting to know so many of you.

I have been toying with setting up a message forum lately though (the blog would still stay and be posted to). Would anybody be interested in this? It won't really be about Kevin - it would just be those that want to "talk" with each other talking. I think that a lot of you seem to really play off of each other and many friendships could be made. It's just a thought really...

And I just looked back at the previous posts because I realized I never mentioned the change in plans that occurred. My parents didn't come to TX because we ended up having to come to FL. We are only here a couple of days and my parents changed their flight to the 15th of February so that they can still come see Christian.

We are here to trade the van in for a brand new one. We were offered an incredible deal - the new van is costing Kevin less than a dollar - literally - and I couldn't see passing it up. There are just so many rebates right now that it worked to our advantage. Oddly enough, our insurance even went down by $14 a month?! I sure don't understand that, but they said something about a new car discount. Really, you have to love USAA for insurance needs.

And now I am going to bed. It's early, but I am exhausted!


Judy Smock said...

Please don't give up the blog. I love to read it every day to know how you are all doing. I realize you are tired but you are an inspiration to the world. You rarely complain regarding yourself and you have Kevin's best interest at heart and we all love you for that. I lived away from all of you for such a long time I really don't know any of you and this is the only way I can be involved in your lives. Don't comment to often. I will let you know that Fred is in really bad shape and in a special hospital. Don't know if he will make it through this time. Pray is the only was we can help him. We pray for all of you too. So keep up the good work and the love you give your family. Kevin's Aunt Judy

Jessica said...

Wow, 1,000 posts is incredible. I'm glad that you have continued the blog and are so open about things concerning Kevin. It must be exhausting to keep it up but I think you're doing a service to all wounded veterans and their families by telling it like it is.

A forum sounds really interesting. I usually don't have the strength to chat but I'd be a great lurker! lol!

I'm really disappointed that the VA won't help you more. What else is new, there. But I totally burst out laughing at your response to the dog issue. I remembered the last time that came up and your vehement dislike for dogs. Something about how seeing a person kiss their dog makes you feel like throwing up? ;)

Take care of yourself. I've been praying for you and Kevin and hope that you can find the help you need SOON!

Pattie said...

You deserve huge kudos for keeping this blog going for so long!!

I think your forum idea is great. I've been following a Caring Bridge blog of a young AZ soldier who is about a year behind Kevin in his progress. They're in Tampa and just getting started with the tissue growth process. I think of you and Kevin often when I read her blog and thought you might enjoy meeting her when you're back in Tampa.

Fantastic about the vehicle!! And yes, USAA is the best!