Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 955 - Jan 9, 2011

Spray butter. Gosh, it's such a wonderful thing, huh? I have been trying to teach Kevin to make his own waffles for a while now and although he can do it for the most part, he always had trouble buttering them. A couple of weeks ago I came into the kitchen and found him dipping his finger into the tub of butter and using it instead of a knife to get the job done. Yuk. Although I am not a full blown germophobe (sp), I do have a problem with someone's fingers in my butter. So that night, as I was lying in bed thinking about it - I remembered spray butter. I picked some up and today he made his own waffles and he was so excited that he could do it all without any help. Wonderful, eh?

So we stayed in again today and just cleaned house. Kevin is so excited about Ronnie coming on Tuesday that he went through his room looking for things to show him. He found his Army beret and I did snap a photo of him with it on:

He needs a haircut in the worst way, doesn't he? Maybe one day this week...


Lorraine said...

Yeah for more independentness with the waffles. Have a good week, maybe this will be the week to welcome Christian into the world. I watched my grandson Brady Saturday night it is such a blast. Take care hope you feel better this week. Love ya Lorraine and Rick

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,
Kevin has such beautiful eyes.Please tell him I said so.

Anonymous said...

Hey Leslie and Kevin,

Glad to hear that you are feeling better and Kevin looks great! His complexion looks healthy and his surgery scars are fading and the beret looks good, a good color for him!

Happy New Year!

Long-time RN said...

Gosh Kevin looks good. I'll second Janet's comment, his eyes are bright and beautiful.

Great idea on the spray butter!
Hope you continue feeling better, and hope Breezy is doing well.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at how good Kev looks. Give him a kiss from me and let his hair grow:)!! Hope you are feeling better. Everyone in my family has had some sort of stuff since before Christmas. We need Spring to come! Take care and as always we continue to pray for all of you.
Melissa Ion