Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 958 - Jan 12, 2011

Kevin went to OT and PT today and the therapist mentioned that Kevin needs a new brace because he is in danger of destroying his bad knee. I called the doctor at the VA and mentioned it to her so that we can get that rolling.

While Kevin and I were on our way to therapy, Breezy called and her doc was sending her to the hospital because they thought she was in labor. She was having contractions, but they were 7 minutes apart so the hospital sent her home.

HOWEVER...they have decided to help Christian enter the world tomorrow at 2pm. YAYYY!!

And Ronnie and Marissa made it here this evening! Kevin is just loving it and he and Ronnie sat for hours in the kitchen tonight just talking and looking at pictures on Kevin's computer.

What a wonderful thing to see...

So anyway, I will check in tomorrow as soon as I can with photos of our new baby. Hopefully it's a quick delivery! I'm not sure if they are just breaking her water or what their plan of action is. I guess I'll find out pretty quick, huh?


Long-time RN said...

Kudos to that therapist! Now it would be great if all goes smoothly in getting the new brace.

Good to read Ronnie has arrived. Flying has become quite the gamble this winter.

Thoughts and prayers for Breezy and baby Christian. A few more hours till she can hold her little one, and Grandma can hold him too!

Anonymous said...

Keeping everyone in my prayers... :)

bearlythr said...

What a blessing...this new life. Praying for a safe delivery and a healthy baby.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear that Christian is here. I can understand why Kevin is so excited with him being an uncle for the first time.

Also glad to hear that Kevin is doing so well. Thanks for sharing his pictures with us. He looks really handsome.

Take care.

Michelle Long said...

How exciting!! Just cant wait to see pics of Christian! Praying for a safe delivery for both Mommy and Baby!