Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 948 - Jan 2, 2011

I am going to skip tonight. Miss Brianna is in the hospital again. Dear Christian wants to come so badly, but as soon as he gets to the hospital, he changes his mind. They had Breezy walk for about an hour and then they gave her some sort of relaxant and decided to keep her thinking she might be back in 8 hours if they sent her home. Maybe tomorrow, eh?

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karen said...

Hey Leslie,

One thing hospitals often ignore or are conveniently ignorant of (though it seems this one isn't, which is lovely) is the effect of getting in and out of cars whilst in labour. Did you know that labour slows to a stop for many (of course, not all) women when they get in and out of a car?

I know this sounds weird, but I experienced it first hand when I was in labour with my first. First, my husband wanted to go somewhere picturesque to walk in my early labour, so we drove to a beach and home. Both times, when I got into the car, everything came to a stop. Walking again at the beach made things speed up considerably, to the point when we could have called the midwives ... and maybe gone to the hospital.

When we arrived home and the labour intensified again, we called the midwives. One came over, checked me, freaked out, and took me straight to the hospital. I tossed my cookies in the bushes on my front doorstep on my way out (sorry, the details), which is a definite sign of transition, but again, once I got out of the car and into the hospital, we were a good three hours away from birth AND I was now exhausted.

For my second, I walked with my 1 1/2 yr old to the grocery store when I knew that labour was happening, a good long walk of about 1/2 hour. I called everybody from the payphone at the store, and walked much more slowly, with many stops, home.

I had her very fast after that walk at home, with none of the stopping and starting of the first birth.

My third was also born at home, and it was the middle of the night so I folded laundry to keep moving until I knew I had to call the midwives. Again, no car and labour never stopped and started.

note: I was not an home-birth person until I birthed the first at the hospital ... for reasons that are unique to me and mine ... so I am not militantly either, it just worked for me.

It sounds like the hospital is making great choices for Breezy and Christian. I will be thinking about her (and you) today!