Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 966 - Jan 20, 2011

We had a really nice visit with Joe last night. We haven't seen him in over a year because his loads have never brought him to San Antonio before yesterday. It's just such a shame he had to hit the road again early this morning though.

This afternoon I went to a meeting for Humor for Heroes to help the organization out with their next show at the end of February. I dropped Kevin off at Breezy's and he helped her with Christian until Johnny came and picked him up. This way he wouldn't have to sit at the meeting bored.

After the meeting I came home and made stromboli for dinner and then the boys retreated to Kevin's room. Kevin is trying to come up with a movie title that is from when he was younger and he thinks it has the word "FIGHT" in the title. I know it's not Fight Club, but if anyone has any suggestions, please throw them at me. I am at a total loss.

And that's really about it for today.


Anonymous said...

Okay this might be silly - and I am doing some research but, immediately when you said a movie from when he was younger and the word "fight" - I immediately thought of "Flight of the Navigator" - which i know doesn't have ANYTHING to do with the word FIGHT but... LOL - :) It was a great movie when we were kids - If I find anything that might be it - I will post for ya :)

New Port Richey, FL

Anonymous said...

Good this a kids movie or one he watched a few years back? Does he remember anything about the movie. One that I can think of is
First to Fight (release date 2/1967)
U.S. Marines are dug in and ready in First to Fight, a World War II saga that takes its title from the Marine Hymn, its battle savvy from the techical guidance of a Marine veteran of Saipan and Iwo Jima – and its power from a script by Star Trek veteran Gene L. Coon, himself a Marine sergeant during World War II and the Korean War. Jack Connell (Chad Everett) survives overwhelming battle action on Guadalcanal. Yet his toughest test lies ahead. After a stateside hitch where he receives the Congressional Medal of Honor and marries, he’s no longer a gung-ho devil dog when back in combat. Connell is frozen with fear – until an unflinching Sarge (Gene Hackman) rekindles his courage. Featured player Hackman would achieve acclaim and stardom later that year in another movie troop, playing Bonnie and Clyde’s Buck Barrow

Good luck

Anonymous said...

I put my daughter on it .......She looked it up and there is one called "Street Fighter". 1994.

Of course I don't remember it, but I can totally recommend the new "True Grit". The acting is the best I've seen recently.

Have a great weekend.