Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 949 - Jan 3, 2011

Well, no baby yet. They sent Breezy home this morning knowing she has a doc appt tomorrow.

We had a lazy day today. Kevin started vomiting this morning at about 7am so we skipped speech therapy and then we had a home evaluation done by the VA this afternoon.

I was so sick and exhausted that I then went up to bed after the VA rep left and napped all afternoon and evening. Johnny came and I did manage to get up and order pizza for dinner because I just didn't have the energy to cook and then we all watched a movie - sorta. I slept through some of it and Kevin slept through other parts. Not sure if Johnny did, but I think he managed to stay awake, lol.

Tomorrow we have a busy day with appointments and I'm just hoping I have the energy to do it all. I tried to go with Johnny and Kevin to the video store for the Narnia 2 movie we watched (hoping to see Narnia 3 this week), but I turned around not a block away and came home sending them to the store alone. I just feel like all out crap.

I think I'll go back to bed now.

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Long-time RN said...

Sure hope you're feeling better today. Whatever's been making you feel so lousy has been hanging on for a while.

Thoughts and prayers for you and mama Breezy.