Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 967 - Jan 21, 2011

Today we had to go to BAMC for a H&P (history and physical). Kevin is going in on Tuesday for a BOTOX treatment and we needed to be seen by a doctor first. We are supposed to go in on Monday for bloodwork, but I am going to try to sneak down over the weekend when it's not so busy. I was told there is a special lab you can go to after hours and get your blood drawn. It's worth a shot - Mondays are horrendous at BAMC.

So while we were there, it turns out that the UFC fighters were visiting so Kevin lined up with the guys and I snapped a picture with my phone:

After we left the hospital, we went over to the warrior family center and Kevin was very excited to see Gumby, lol:

After that we just came home and Breezy and Christian were here waiting for us. Mom and Baby are doing well. I will have to get some more photos tomorrow, but to end here is one from the other day:


L:orraine said...

Love the pic of Kevin and Christian they will have a special love for each other, Thanks for sharing. Hope your weekend is a good one. Lorraine

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Kevin ROCKS his glasses. They actually make him look more like the average 22 year old. Of course, Christian is beautiful, but you didn't need me to tell you that :)
Western PA has SNOW and single digit temps. We are heading to visit in Currlsville today...should be nice and cold in Clarion county.
Thinking of you guys with
Thoughts and Prayers,


Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture!
Melissa I.

bearlythr said...

I have seen pictures of Kevin smiling before but rarely with such unadulterated joy. He will be a great uncle!!
God bless all,

Cathy M said...

As I have said before, you have a good eye. You catch what is behind the face - the eyes; or you catch emotive scenes that could be everyday snapshots if taken just a moment later.


Cathy M

Long-time RN said...

Kevin's glasses look great! Very hip or whatever the new word is for stylish and trendy!

You've captured a wonderful moment of connection between uncle and nephew, Leslie. The contentment and love on Kevin's face is priceless.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

most beautiful photo ever!

Anonymous said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL photo!