Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 953 - Jan 7, 2010

I feel so much better. Still not at 100% yet, but I feel better tonight than I have felt in weeks. I plan to try and take it easy the whole weekend as well and maybe by Monday I will be completely fine. Man, I hope so.

So Kevin is doing well. He has been 'working out' and I am happy to say that he is slowly losing some of his belly fat. He is doing a modified version of crunches and with the walks he takes daily it seems to really be working for him.

He has been spending more time out of his room lately too and that is a great thing. We are in the process of watching all six episodes of Star Wars and we are now up to episode four. We watch an hour one day and two hours a few days later and so forth and so on. It's just nice having him in the living room watching more and more tv, ya know?

I really need to find the cards and get back to playing Skipbo and Uno too. I haven't seen them since we moved so I will have to dig them out of a box before Ronnie and Marissa get here.

And now I am going to sign off and work on a scrapbook project that has been calling my name. I also have 26 episodes of NCIS taped that need to be watched, lol. It's my goal for the weekend. Lots of rest. Lots of TV. And lots of scrapping.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your weekend Leslie!Would love to see your scrapbook pages. I love to do it too; unfortunately with a sick husband, a full time job, and three kids, I'm much like you - - -there is absolutely no time.
Anyhow, glad that Kevin is "working out." too bad you guys are so far away as I think he could inspire me to get back in shape :) Take care! Thoughts and prayers to you all, Hallie

Breezy update soon?

Long-time RN said...

Enjoy your weekend and scrapping. Good to read you're feeling better!