Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Message to SimpleS

((A small addition to my previous post from tonight.))

Sir, your comment feels like this nice, tasty little morsel and I am one hungry woman. I would dearly love to speak to you on the phone as I think you may have some information about Holee and Ms Lewis that could be useful in my quest to make things right for both Kevin and myself.

If you are comfortable speaking to me, please email me at and either ask for my number or send me yours. If you don't feel comfortable - I respect that - but I really, REALLY hope you don't mind talking to me.



Anonymous said...

Keeping you and Kevin in my prayers...

Jodi said...

Hi Les!

I think you know me pretty well, and I have kept quite reading all the comments, but I finally need to say my piece and I have to say, I am so SICK of these self-righteous people who think they "know" your situation. How DARE they judge you, how DARE they lecture you, how DARE they scold you, just....HOW DARE THEY!!!

People, until you "walk" in Leslie's shoes, you have NO right or place to criticize Leslie. In a way, Kevin "lost his life" when he was injured May 31, 2080. Leslie and Breezy "gave up their lives" to take care of Kevin. Until you go thru what they did day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute, second after second, you will NEVER know the HELL they have endured.

This blog is for LESLIE AND KEVIN. If you don't like what you read, then STOP READING. You don't need to leave nasty and judgemental posts. Just stop reading and go won't hurt Leslie's or our feelings.

Kevin gave up life as we know it to protect you and give you the right to say what you feel, but come on people, don't use that right to berate the mother who is caring for this hero. Kevin is a hero. Leslie is a hero. Breezy is a hero. They are amazing people that have endured a hell that most people wouldn't be able to handle, deal with, cope with, or live thru. But they've done it. And they've done it despite all the nasty, hateful, judgemental people out there.

So, take a moment to think before you feel you have the right to be nasty to Leslie on HER blog about Kevin. This amazing woman needs our support and love, not hatred.

Les, you know I love you and Kevin and Breezy. Andrew loved Kevin, so to me, you are family. Our boys gave their lives for us, and they are hero's. Please don't let the haters in this world ever hurt you or get you down. There are more people out here that love you and support you. Feel our strength and love and run with it!!

Good luck with your fight against the VA Les. I know you are gonna win for Kevin and you.

Andrew's Aunt Jodi (A Fallen Hero's Aunt that misses him so much)

Vicki A said...

I have been reading this blog for a couple of years now, but have never commented. You are a strong, amazing woman in a horribly impossible situation. You have given up your life for the sake of your son's happiness and that should be commended! I support you completely!

Anonymous said...

Praying in PA!! Thank you for your service and we thank God everyday for the service men and women past present and future. Live your life and fight your fight...Kevin is worth it!! Remember that old saying, "you best not get between a momma bear and her cub!!"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Praying for you guys!

Holee said...
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Holee said...
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Wife of a Wounded Soldier said...

Fight and fight it some more. The VA is a backwards system with no ideas of what these vets and their caretakers go through. I am the wife of a severely injured soldier and because of my fighting my husband is now doing much better. I support you 100%. I am so thankful for this blog as it reminds me I am not alone in this fight. Call up Wounded Warrior Project they have attorneys that can help you fight this. They helped me. I am praying for you guys. Never back down. They make you fight to save themselves money and junk up the court rooms in hopes people just won't fight it. I wish I could fight this for you. After tons of surgeries, infections, and being homeless you deserve for something to go right for you for once. I pray that it does.

Tracey from Pgh. said...

Holee, maybe you should mind your own business. I think you are doing more harm than good. I never did like your posts.

Anonymous said...

Holee might want to look up the psychological phenomenon called "projection." You see in others what you need to think about for yourself. Meanwhile, you're really doing a disservice to the others upon which you confidently spew your false projections.

Leslie, you're doing a great job. Sorry you have to worry about commenters on your blog when you have so much else to look into, particularly the potential corruption at the VA. But, clearly, the corruption and continued theft from Kevin from this so-called fiduciary are the problem. So you keep on fighting and try to shrug off the haters like a duck sheds water.

Anonymous said...

Never say never...

I did not post anythinmg about obama on any of your yahoo accounts...

Anonymous said...

Holee, I think it's time you find another blog to cause problems with. It is very obvious that you cause comment wars on here. And quite frankly it appears NO ONE cares what you have to say. Back off and leave Leslie, Kevin and Brezzy alone. They do not need someone to bring them down. Please take your so called advice you give and your sob stories else where.

GrannieEv said...

I was going to be done with this Holee person and her remarks but then I got to looking around and found her blog.......

Have any of you checked it out?

Her posts titled "How I see it" leave me speechless.

Leslie, I do believe she's bent on causing you trouble.

Anonymous said...

To Holee: Maybe you should FIND some time for friendships. Because you certainly seem to have plenty of time to make enemies...

Judy Smock said...

Leslie, keep up the good fight. You know you will have to fight everyday for the rest of your life for your children. We are all proud of you and Kevin and Breezy. Do NOT let these people get to you and do whatever you can to have the control for Kevin. He doesn't need someone from the outside look after his finances. You are doing a great job. Have some of these people come to DC and see how many homeless there are in our Nation's capital. God knows you are doing right by Kevin and these people need to walk in a caregiver's shoes. Love to you all. Kevin's Aunt Judy.

G'rams said...


Its time for you to stop being a meddlesome old lady! There's a saying my mother had that went like this: MYOB. I think you're old enough to know what that means.

If Leslie wants/needs your "help/input" she knows how to contact you personally.

So back off and leave Leslie, Kevin and Breezy ALONE.

Leslie keep up being the wonderful, caring mother you are to Kevin and are an awesome lady!

Anonymous said...

whoa. did anyone else check out the page from anonymous? Right there - Holee is 'connected' to Cindy Lewis. Seems odd huh.

Jessica B

Anonymous said...

Leslie, This is (Wayne's mom) Becky,

This is for you Leslie And all those who read this Blog.

Our most Gracious Heavenly Father, We come to You for peace through Jesus's name. There is so much stress in this world today. And we all thank you for making Leslie Kevin's mom, we know you did that for a reason, a purpose, Your purpose, Your will, You made Kevin and knew who and what He was going to need. A mother like Lesli.One who is strong and loving. Help us all not to past judgement, as You say "I know the plans I have for you" not us. We ask for forgiveness humbly and meekly for ever judging why as You only know the PERFECT PLANS YOU HAVE FOR US! And for that we thank you. Help us all edify not tear down, help us not to murder(that also means not to kill ones character)help us all to reach out with love and build one another up with encouragment, and most of all help us to extend the Grace to others that You have given to us with no end. Continue to be there for Kevin, Leslie and Breezy and give them the strenght to endure, the ability to fight the good fight and the Peace that surpasses ALL understanding. In Jesus's Most Perfect Name AMEN

I normally don't type my prayers but this is not a time of hostility that is needed,The evil one feeds of of this.You all say I'm praying for you, Let us All make sure we are doers and not just sayers. I promise to pray for all those who read this blog.

armyparents said...

Obviously there is a reason why you don't have any friends Holee. I just read your blog talking about Kevin, Leslie, and Breezy. I cannot believe you. All you are is a medling ole woman that has nothing better to do. How dare you thinking that you know what is right with Kevin. Only his mother and family knows what is right. You don't know him or know what exactly his needs are. I am sure that they would move back home in a heartbeat if that is what would help Kevin's injuries. (have you not read that in the many blogs that Leslie wrote..... we have )They are going where the best doctors are for his care. And how dare you judge Breezy. You don't know what she has been through either. Hollee heres a thought mind you own damn business!

Leslie I think you are doing a wonderful job. Look how far Kevin has come because of you and Breezy. If there was some way to block Holee I sure would. No one cares what she thinks anyway. I have read this blog everyday since this happened and everyone can tell you are putting Kevin's needs above your own. Your family has givin up so much no words can desribe.

Keep the blogs coming you have many friends on here that care
Love you all

(soldier mom x 2)

Moe said...

Part 1 of 2

Holee…. You have got to be a lonely old lady that has nothing better to do than to cause havoc in other peoples lives. You come to this blog and spew your nasty comments about a hero and his family. About a mother who has given up more than anyone will ever really even know… Why??

1) You said that “Of course people like this don't want to see this fellow move back home where he would have male friends that he's known all his life to be with. They want to have fun in the sun at his expense, running south to the good life. I think you once joked that you would be living down the road in a trailer? That just about spells it all out, now doesn't it.
Do you honestly believe the crap that you just wrote??? Really? Fun in the sun??? Your just an idiot! Does their lives really sound like they are having fun??? They aren’t like you… running to the good life… Didn’t you leave PA to move to San Antonio because you have Arthritis and the weather there would make you feel better than dreary PA??? So how do you think Kevin would deal with the cold with all his injuries??? If they could come home, they’d be here!

2) You whined on your blog about how Leslie never thanked you for the quilt….. Well, Just head back on the blog to October 9th 2008 post….”We have received so many beautiful gifts - like the quilt that so many people from all over the US made together (started by Holee) “… included in that post is a picture with Kevin with THE quilt! So right there you are caught in a big fat lie! What more did you want??

3)Another quote from your blog: “Presently her daughter is pregnant in Texas. If I were following the blog for reasons of seeing where the money was going, I would have to wonder if the possible move to Texas was because of the baby & daughter and not for the Vet.” They have not moved to Texas. They went to Texas for Kevin to have his plate taken out and then had to stay there till it was put back in. And now wait for the doctors to allow them to go back to their home in Florida. Another fact is that Breezy was not even pregnant when they first were sent there. If she were she’d be 8 months pregnant instead of 5.… Do the math!

4)You obviously really don’t care all that much about injured soldiers or Kevin for that matter. You worry so much about the almighty dollar! I think that is why you read this blog, so you can rip apart everything that they do. Another quote: “Ok, you may say, but these young people stepped up to the plate and got injured for us. .they did the right thing. That sounds good when you are facing a family member who you do not want to up set, but we are talking about tax dollars and they should never be spent in the light of shock or pity. To me, that sounds like you feel these soldiers deserver nothing! Just my opinion of course. Of course, this doesn't matter to me, but might to someone else.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie. I just wanted to say I admire you. You are a very strong person. Mike and I are here if you ever need anything. Tell Kevin we said hello and stay strong. I am sorry you and your family are having so many issues. Wish there was something we could do.

As for anyone that has anything negative to say about this situation...All I have to say is grow up and open your eyes. Military personnel go through more in their career than most people in a lifetime. And when that career is cut short due to injury to someone risking their own life to provide your freedeom you have the nerve to talk trash, and do report whatever you think is wring anonymously? What are you afraid of? People finding out how much of a piece of crap you are? Trust me, people already know that. That is trait people can smell. Next time you feel froggy enough to make a report on someone, try walking a day in their life just to see how "great" they actually have it.

Leslie and her family have been through and are still going through difficult times. They dont need ignorant people talking about them or make so called reports on them. Educate yourself being opening a mouth that should permanently have a shoe sewn into it.


Anonymous said...

ahhh, sooo many bosses and very few worker bees. how does everybody know the best way to do stuff unt1l you call them on 1t.

hang 1n there really are
do1ng well.....anybody else would be "postal" by now.

moe said...

part 2

5) You even write in blog about “Who do we owe and for how long" Again you bash this family. Care givers who have given up everything should never have anything ever again. “I began giving this question a lot of thought after a mother who is caring for her injured son said she thinks "they", meaning the army, should give her $2000.00 a month to live on since she is caring for her son and he is not in a military nursing home that would cost more. I happen to know where this mother comes from. People in her hometown do not make $2000.00 a month. They do not live in huge new homes with swimming pools and new furniture. (

My gosh you paint this town as a bunch of people who live in tin shacks. There are plenty of people here that have darn good jobs, live in nice houses and even have, dare I say it…SWIMMING POOLS! Leslie did live in a beautiful house and it also had a swimming pool… imagine that. Kevin deserves whatever house he wants! It’s not like they bought a damn Million dollar mansion or something. Give it a rest!

There are tons more quotes in your blog that I could rip apart, but I won’t. I will lead everyone else to your blog so they can read what an idiot you truly are…..

Please check out Holee’s blog and see for yourself…

I think it’s funny that it’s titled: Since your all running over here to read my blog…..

Plus she puts at the bottom “Don't bother posting to this, I'll just delete anything you say anyway, because I just don't really care what you think. “

Ohhh you can go put down your “opinion” where it isn’t wanted, but can’t handle others opinions? So typical… you can dish it out, but can’t take it….

Holee…. A few words of advice. Stay off the blog, your not welcome here. Get a Hobby to occupy your time. Oh wait you do have one.. You even had your son walk a mile in the hot sun to bid on a sewing machine for you…. mother of the year award goes to you! And you have the nerve to bash Leslie for her choices as a mother who is doing everything to protect her son…..

Just my opinion of course. Of course, this doesn't matter to me, but might to someone else……….

Lisa From Minnesota said...

WOW, just WOW!!! Keep up the fight Leslie! I just got started checking out this link and all I can say is WOW, that woman has issues and has some kind of nerve!! You and Breezy have done an amazing job taking care of Kevin and I have every reason to believe you will continue to do so!! Do what you gotta do, girl! I read your blog every day, but have only commented a couple times. I am and have always been Lisa From Minnesota and I'm on your side ALL THE WAY!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG - Leslie, I have always followed your blog but have never left any comments. I live not to far from East Brady, and I am just appaled with Holee's rantings. Her blog is as disturbing as she is - and Holee, I would rather live as what your blog states "a $7.00 an hour dirty old falling apart town" than be anywhere even close to where you live" you nasty, bitter lady.. and to insult Breezy as you did is just plain old fashioned ingorance- Leslie and Breezy you are doing a magnificent job with Kevin, and being the parent of an 18 year old son, I could not even imagine going through what you do..YOU ARE A TRULY AN AMAZING MOM.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the fight. If it wasn't for Leslie and Breezy, Kevin probably wouldn't be where he is today. They have both given up their lives to care for Kevin. Like others have said, walk a mile in their shoes before you critizie what they are doing too help Kevin. Most people wouldn't last a couple of days doing what they have been doing. Leslie has always been a good mother and will always be.

Leslie, you have many more friends on this blog than enemies. If people don't like what they read, not read this blod. I love to read about the progress that Kevin is making. If I remember correctly, the doctors didn't think that he would ever walk or talk again after the accident. Look how far he has come. It wasn't only the doctors, therapists or nurses. It was MOSTLY Leslie and Brrezy fighting for what Kevin deserves. He went to fight for our freedom and he along with the other soldiers deserve everything that they need to get better.

Keep remembering that there are many of us out here that are following your blog because we love hearing about all of you and hearing Kevins progress. You all are awesome and don't let people tell you otherwise. I know that it is easier said than done but try to remember that you have ALOT of frients who care.


Anonymous said...

Throwing out some positive vibes here!!!! We love you all!! You are a fantastic mother and have dong NOTHING wrong...Keep up the good fight and ignore the haters!! Before you know it you will be holding that beautiful grandbaby on the way!!!!

GrannieEv said...

I can't leave well enough alone, I guess. I do want to add this about Miss Ol' Holee (what's with that name, anyway). I'm posting it here for her to read since she'd just erase it from her blog. You say you have RA and suffer so horribly from it. Bulls..t! You go on quilting retreats and apparently have no such sufferings....have visitors down and go to the Riverwalk, etc. all day long. Have all those problems finding doctors in SA who take Medicare. Why are you using my taxpayers monies if you're financially well-off enough for all those activities ... oh wait, cause none of those doctors will take cash. What absolute BULL.

I think you're messing with the wrong bunch of military-loving- people here, you've pissed most of us off (seriously) and I think it's time you moved your sorry ass on to make someone else's life miserable. Let me know if you'd like to take this conversation further, privately, I'd be glad to. Both of my sons have been promoted to Lt. Col. (AF and Army) and you'd better think twice about engaging me privately. You think I haven't learned a thing or three in all these years as a military mom and in all of life's experiences of 64 years? Bring it on Holee and we can leave Leslie to her more important tasks.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say this...Moe and GrannieEv..."YOU ROCK!"
Of course, Leslie, Kevin and Breezy, you already know how I feel about you 3!
another injured soldier's mom