Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 838 - Sep 14, 2010

So to begin I am going to start with Sunday.

Before we left Texas, I had asked Kevin if he wanted to go and see both his father and his grandparents while we were in PA. He wanted to see his grandparents so I called and made arrangements with them to visit on Sunday. It was a little awkward for me at first, but as many of you know - I will pretty much do anything for my kids.

So we drove over and visited for a couple of hours and Kevin had a good time walking around their house and remembering things from his past. Louise even pulled out some old photo albums from when the kids were really little and Kevin just loved that!

Here are some photos of Kevin with his grandparents and his Aunt Julie:

After our visit with them, we went back to East Brady to the St Cloud and had dinner with my brother, Moe, her son Mathew and his girlfriend Brittany, Kevin's friend Kyle and my buddy Levi and his mom, Libby. Oh and Nay from the Cloud sat with us for quite a while too. It's always just so nice to be home. Anyway, here is a pic of Libby, Levi and myself:

All of the guys sat at a different table - I guess us girls have cooties so they talked about guy stuff and we talked about girl stuff.

After dinner we all said our goodbyes and we drove back to Butler and packed everything all up to get ready for our flights back to Texas. Our day of traveling was a bit rough, but we made it and you just can't imagine what we found on our return home.

Yep. An ant infestation. I am gathering they have been in the walls for some time because there are thousands of them in a very long trail that is leading from the kitchen, through the pantry, through the walls to Kevin's master bathroom near his toilet, out into his actual bathroom along the tub, along all the counters, around his shower, out of the bathroom and into his bedroom, along all three walls where they finally get to an outer wall. There they are crawling into the baseboard with crumbs and they have even attempted to get one lone sprinkle into the hole, but it's not fitting. We don't have anything with sprinkles so I am guessing those might be coming from the neighbor's place? Not really sure, but there are thousands of them and when I emailed the apartment complex they told me they would have the pest guy come on his regular day Wed (tomorrow). I guess it's acceptable to them for people to live like this? I mean, what's a thousand ants or so, right?

I am thinking we live in a slum. This place really is the pits. I don't think I mentioned that when we left to go to the hotel last Tuesday I couldn't lock the door. The key wouldn't work at all and I had to call twice to get the maintenance people to return my call (had to threaten with a lawsuit on the voicemail) and they promised to come out and lock my doors.

I guess this explains the high turn-around rate here at this complex.

So my kitchen is covered in ants and I would hazard a guess most of our food is probably no good. We opted to eat out tonight as I don't want to buy groceries until this is taken care of and Kevin, Lea, Breezy and I all went together. We had a good time, but you should see the looks Kevin was getting. You see...he bought this really ugly hat before we left. It's a skater punk hat and he was adamant that he was wearing it tonight. Here is a pic:

Crazy, huh? I keep telling him that it is a winter PA hat - not a hat to be worn in hot Texas. He doesn't care though - he thinks it's funny.

And then I got the mail and Kevin's taxes are being 'examined' because he claimed the first time home buyer's credit last year and we don't live at that house. I called the IRS and explained our situation, but I still have to send all kinds of paperwork in to prove Kevin really does own the house in FL. Geez - when will it ever end?

But, maybe by tomorrow we at least won't have ants all over the place and we can walk in our home without having to wear shoes. This place really is disgusting...


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you really enjoyed your trip! Sorry about the ants. Wow- that's a lot. If it was just one trail I would suggest something called Terro.(sp) It's a liquid that you put on a piece of cardboard and they eat it and take it back to where they came from.
Thanks for posting all of the pictures! The one with Kevin's new hat cracked me up! hahaha Yeah, it probably is pretty warm under there.:)

Have a great day!
Kathy in IA

bearlythr said...

Sounds like it was a great trip and it could be a reflection of my fashion sense but I love the hat....way cool : )

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a good day in spite of the ants!
Love Kevin's new hat, lol.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the hat! Great pictures. Wish I could have made it to Brady over the weekend, but it was impossible. Glad your time in Western PA was good. Sorry about the ants. You know, they say everything is BIG in Texas...their ant supply seems like it.
Thought and prayers,

Anonymous said...

WOW!! I haven't seen Fred and Louise in forever. They look the same! Are they still living out by my mom? I'm glad you had a great visit here in PA but ants!! ew

Anonymous said...

For the homebuyers credit, he should be OK - right now you have a "temporary absence" (use those words with the IRS) for his medical treatment. You'll be going back go your (his) home as soon as his treatments in TX are done.

Good luck. And good luck gettig rid of the ants.


joyce said...

powdered cinnamon will get rid of the ants. I was having an infestation of carpenter ants in the wall beside the computer, and sprinkling cinnamon on the floor and window sill did the trick. this year, ants in the kitchen hate the cinnamon powder around the garbage pail.

Jessica said...

It sounds like you had a successful trip! I'm glad you and Kevin were able to get together with your friends and family. I love the "next top model" photos - hilarious!

Sorry to hear about the ants! Like you need something else to worry about. Hope the "slumlord" does something about it quick.

Thinking of you all and keeping you in my prayers! Take care.