Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 824 - Aug 31, 2010

Kevin and Johnny went to the movies tonight to see Expendables. I think it's just the greatest thing when Kevin leaves with Johnny because it's so 'old' normal, kwim? It's like it used to be back before he left for Basic.

I think it's going to be hard for Kevin to go back to FL. He actually has friends in Lea and Johnny and he will be back to total isolation from anybody his age when we do return home. I can be honest and say I have absolutely no faith in the home health company getting anyone his age to come based on their past endeavors, so it will be hard for him. I guess there's no real sense worrying about it yet though - we have months to go before we can go home.

So Kevin's pain level is getting slightly better. I am hoping once the staples are out next week his pain really takes a hike. He is also getting more and more active every day. Thank goodness.

And the fluid build-up is fluctuating. We had an appt tomorrow with the neurosurgeon, but I canceled it after seeing that the fluid was decreasing when Kevin was out of bed and upright. I did talk to the doc today though and he told me it could take weeks or more for the fluid to be totally gone.

And Kevin is counting down the days until we go to PA. Every morning he wakes up now and tells me how many days til we leave. He sure is excited!


Michelle Long said...

I am excited too.... I cant wait to see you both! Hopefully the flight will be uneventful.

Jessica said...

I'm glad that the pain is getting a little better and that Kevin was able to get out today. (Did they like the movie?) I really hope that as he is talking more and more, he'll be able to make more friends once he gets back to Florida.

You guys are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Take care!