Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 851 - Sep 27, 2010

Thanks everyone for all of the support. I talked to my attorney tonight and found out that the VA rep that was at the hearing in PA blatantly lied to the judge. Now the last time I checked, that was illegal so it might be time to go another step.

So anyway, he told the judge repeatedly that I could file an appeal because they were still forcing Kevin to hire a fiduciary, but it turns out that you cannot file an appeal. Once the VA takes the money - there's nothing you can do. He had to know it too - he is in a supervisory position at the Fiduciary Unit in Pittsburgh. Crooked...crooked...crooked!

And today I talked with more congressmen/women liaisons. It's very time consuming and I have manged to make more than a few phone calls, but I have still more to go. As to the media? It's next on my list. If any of you have friends in that industry - feel free to send them my way.

So anyway, Kevin did really well at therapy again today. He is making it the full two hours pretty steady now. I asked the therapists to introduce a normal cane to him (instead of that bulky quad cane he has used all along) and so far he is not open to it. He never is though, but once he sees it's less weight and is also easy to use I expect he will do fine with it. He just has to adapt to new things.

And now I am going to bed. I didn't sleep a wink last night and my eyeballs hurt.


Holee said...
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Anonymous said...

contact Oprah, not joking, u want the word out,, she's the lady to do it

Linda said...

My heart goes out to you with what the VA is putting you thru. It is SO unfair. I agree with Anonymous...send your story to Oprah! And also the couple from the Post Gazette. Even call TV news Wayne VanDyne from the Pittsburgh news station who works to "help people fix" problems" in our area. Good Luck to you in getting your word out and not only getting help for Kevin, but for other families in your position as well!

Martha K said...

Its terrible how you have to do all these things, when Kevin,s life will never be normal. You have given up soooo much. I can't believe Holee can say this to you. What would she do in your shoes? Would she give up her life? How would she like to leave her home never to be able to return? You have given up more than anyone should be asked to give and you do what you have to do. You go girl

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Holee it seems like Kevin has ALOT of NEW THINGS compared to other wounded Vets and I can see where the VA has alot of questions and concerns as to where Kevin's money is being spent.

Holee said...

Martha, I've said this because I read what Leslie wrote. I am trying to help her figure out where and why they started this and if you READ what she said, it all seems to have started with the house.

Attack me if you want to but that won't help the problem at hand. She doesn't need to prove anything to US, but she does need to prove it to them. The blog is great for everyone who enjoys reading it, but it wouldn't be the first time blogs were used against people in court.

Agreeing with Leslie or saying I feel bad, I feel sorry won't help to get her out of this situation. It's gonna take a fight. She's dealing with power, not a neighbor.

Only she can compare her first contact with them to this blog. She's told a story but often let out how it came about and that's just how blogs have been used against people, not so much what they said, but what they didn't say.

Leslie said they questioned the purchase of the house, I didn't say that. So if that's where it started she needs to realize they are comparing many other vets with her purchases.

I don't need to defend myself here, I'm not the one in trouble but to answer you Martha, I've already given up my life for one son.

GrannieEv said...

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) - Leslie, do you know of this group? A friend sent the link to your blog to them. You might be hearing from them.

I am familiar with 2 wounded vets who are much worse than Kevin (it breaks my heart to report this). Both sets of parents have had to fight tooth and nail to get almost anything to help their sons. Both are totally dependent on feeding tubes, breathing device (1 of them), paralyzed, blind and can not speak and the list goes on. There has to be a better balance on the part of the VA in doing what they're meant to do. Both of these young men were slated by the VA to be placed in nursing homes - one actually was sent to one for a time. I could go on. In my opinion the VA has failed miserably in their purpose.

Both of my sons are active duty, have been over there repeatedly and the youngest is due to go back in January. There but for the grace of God ....

Leslie is doing the right thing in trying to arrange everything for Kevin now while she can. The house - he's just 22 yrs. old - he'll live a long time and thanks to her, he has somewhere to live. A pool, in FL, why not - water therapy is a wonderful thing and it will be good for him in later years also. 5 bedrooms - maybe Breezy will be his caregiver when Leslie can no longer do so. Kevin will probably always need a caregiver. I do think Breezy was also a caregiver when she lived with them and continues to step in when needed. It's virtually impossible for ONE person to be a caregiver 24/7.

Go to Walter Reed and visit with the vets who don't have someone like Leslie in their life. Tell me if that's somewhere you'd like your son to stay long term. Go visit a wounded vet in a nursing home and see if you'd want your son to be cared for by strangers.

If her books are in order, that's all the proof the VA needs. That's IT. This blog is no proof of anything.

Anonymous said...

Holee.... Was your son in the service? Just wondered since you had said that you gave up your life for your son? If you gave up your life the way Leslie has, then I'd think you'd be a little more understanding.... Guess not.

Anonymous said...

I disagree completely with Holee. I don't mind that they investigated you. But a nice house does not give anyone the right to lie to a judge (it's called perjury).

What it looks like to me is that this lawyer (with 50 clients and a gmail account) is involved in some scam where they find brain injured vets and suck money off them, change court dates so that their care-givers don't make hearings, etc. etc. It sounds like a classic scam to the overworked and overwhelmed.

You keep on. What does Holee want you to do? Buy a crappy house with Kevin's money? Buy a house Kevin doesn't like? Get real. He deserves all the perks you can get for him.

I know a blind man who got a government grant for a jacuzzi when he had a perfectly good income and retirement plan. If the program is there for Kevin, you use it, girl. Ignore those who criticize.

I'm not saying you shouldn't have to answer for your expenses. But you did that and they still want Kevin's money. THat's the kicker. They still want to steal from Kevin after you've already proven you have done nothing wrong.

Jessica said...

Wow. No wonder you can't sleep! You have so much on your mind. Thank goodness you kept such good track of all Kevin's money, not everyone would have taken the time to do that. This is such a waste of your time, though I'm glad you're not taking it lying down. They're probably used to people being intimidated by the system and letting the VA run all over them. I don't know. It just sucks.

Thanks for keeping us updated. I hope you get a four star general or Senator on your side to put this all to rest! And maybe even start an investigation of these abuses. I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.

Holee said...

Why does everyone always go on the attack? I didn't say she should or should not have done anything. I've pointed out what they might have looked at..and that's the job they are suppose to do. It's tax money, Kevin's money and no matter how anyone feels about his mother, the VA is there to protect Kevin, no one else.

I cannot agree that any one person should have control over a persons money when they cannot do it themself. Courts often set up lawyers or banks to watch over money for those who can't. It should always be watched over by one party that is not related. Three hundred dollars is a good price for this. It often costs much more.

As tax payers you all should be concerned that the money given to vets will last them all their lives. We don't know what is in the future but a time could come that no one could care for Kevin and that is why it is important to make sure it will always be there to meet his needs in the future.

Leslie already posted that she might have to sell the house because it might have been a mistake unless she finds the right doctors. Right now that would be a loss of a lot of money since realestate in Fl. is bad. It would also be a loss of the money spent on making the house handicapped for Kevin. Don't be so blind as to think they are not listening to everything she says on here.

Frankly I would like to see them stop anyone from useing a Vets money for a home for at least 3 to 5 years after the injuries, unless it was a very inexpensive home. It would just give more time for recovery and for knowing better what the needs of the Vet would be.
I happen to know 3 legless Vets right here in San Antonio who are buying a house together because of cost. They hired an investment firm to take care of part of their money. Why? Because in the future they may not have relatives to come to the house to care for them, they may have to hire aides.

Paper pushers at the VA do not use their heart to determine abuse of funds. If you really think they are after Leslie, then she should watch everything she writes.