Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 839 - Sep 15, 2010

We didn't really do much of anything today. Kevin and I finally found an alterations place to hem some of the new jeans he had purchased for himself a couple of months ago that are about 3-4 inches too long for him. That's it though. We went and dropped them off and that ended our exciting day, lol.

The pest control guy did come though and he sprayed (never heard of using cinnamon, Joyce. Thanks!) but he said the holes in all the baseboards need to be plugged or they will just come back. Hopefully tomorrow the maintenance crew will come and take care of it.

And you're right, Hallie - everything is bigger in TX. You should see some of the bugs here - they are bigger than my hand! As an FYI - I really don't like bugs... (PS - how's your husband doing? I owe you an email - hopefully soon. Wish you could have come to Brady too!)

I just don't have much to say today so I think I'll sign off early and watch some tv.

I do want to mention though that while having dinner last week with Mike and Rebecca from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, I learned that the story that they did about Kevin actually won Honorable Mention from the 2010 Dart Award committee. Here's the announcement:

2010 Dart Award Winners

Pretty cool, huh? They also mentioned that the one photo (I think my absolute fav of Kevin and Breezy) is hanging in the Heinz History Museum. We will have to check that out next time we go home to PA.

Congrats you two!!!

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