Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 832 - Sep 8, 2010

I almost forgot to write the blog tonight. I am just so tired.

Last night was pretty rough. Shortly after I posted the blog, water came gushing down into my room. The electric was out so I couldn't call the front desk right away so I ended up just going into Kevin's room and sleeping with him (they gave us connecting rooms because the one room I booked didn't have a wheel in shower - only grab bars in a tub - which Kevin can't do since the plate was out so long and his leg lost so much movement). Our only other option was to leave that hotel and go to another and that wasn't happening as bad as it was out there - not to mention I don't think we could have even gotten into the lobby of the hotel from our room because it was electronically keyed.

Oh and someone tried to come into our room at 8am (not housekeeping either and they don't know who it was) so the manager called and reimbursed my points. That was awfully nice. I wouldn't have asked because the bulk of our problems were weather related, but they offered so I'll take my points back, lol.

So we did get up and made it to the airport only to have the TSA folks not there to help us through. We did manage to get to our gate and out of the blue a very nice gentleman bumped us to first class. I could kiss that guy!

And this was the first trip that we had a layover. He did very well and I was so proud of him. I have to admit I was worried - not because of the layover, but because it's the first flight since the plate was put back in. I just worry about pressure and stuff like that.

So anyway, after we landed in Pittsburgh, Kevin was adamant we were going to East Brady tonight so we could surprise people. We managed to roll in there at about 8:30ish and to get at least someone at the Uni-mart, I called Moe and pretended I was talking to my mom. I just let her know that we were coming and how much Kevin wanted to say 'surprise'. Moe got the hint and had a bunch of people there, which was really nice for Kevin.

And just for the record - it's flippin cold here! I didn't have any jeans in Texas so I am wearing shorts and flip flops. Brrrr...


Anonymous said...

So glad you guys made it safely to Pa. Here's hoping all goes well the whole trip ! We don't call this cold.....we call it refreshing...LOL....have a great day

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you made it safely. I was worried about the weather for your travel.
I think you will be shopping today for some warmer pants! LOL.
Love ya

Patricia said...

WELCOME!!! So glad you made it safely, albeit with some hitches! May this time be a total restoration for you! Love hugs and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it back home safely! I'm hoping that you can saturate yourselves with all the love and attention from family and close friends. There is nothing like being in their company!

Glad too that you could fly first class! That was a blessing!

Well, have all the fun possible while you are there. I know you will.

Miss Em said...

Yea !!!!! YOU MADE IT !!!!

Hope the SUPRISE for Kevin went well.
Enjoy all the warm well wishes and bone-crushing hugs. Wish you could package them up to take back to SA and take them out as you need them.
Hope the shopping for "long" pants was enjoyable with a few friends give you comments on how they make your 'Butt' look...LOL.

Have fun and give that Board one hell of a talk.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

GrannieEv said...

Like everyone else ... so glad! I hope you all have a wonderful time.