Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 842 - Sep 18, 2010

We had a nice evening tonight. Breezy and Chris came over for dinner and so did Mary and her granddaughter, Anika. Anika pretty much stole all of our hearts. She is just so darn cute and her and Kevin hit it off immediately! Here is a photo of the two of them:

It was really a great time with good company and good conversation.

And that's pretty much it for today. Thanks everyone that gave me input into the 911 situation. I had never heard of ICE before and what a great idea about the pill bottle in the fridge with all of Kevin's pertinent information in it, Sara. I intend to work all of these things out this week sometime. Breezy will have to figure out the phone options though - Kevin's phone is too complex for me, lol.

And now I am heading to bed.


Anonymous said...

On the note of the want to add a new contact in his directory...the first one should be ICE-1 and program your number in, and then program ICE-2 with Breezy's number. That way, they know who needs called.

Michelle said...

I see Kevin is still wearing his hat. LOL! Does he sleep in it too?