Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 835 - Sep 11, 2010

Phew! What a day!

First, we got up and met someone for lunch. This is the gentleman that purchased the Toy Story DVD for Kevin. Jesse rode his bike down (thank goodness it was a beautiful day here today) and he spent quite a bit of time talking to Kevin and showing him his Harley.

This Harley is very special. Jesse is retired Army and as a tribute to his comrades, his bike has all of the names of the soldiers from Pennsylvania that have been killed in either Iraq or Afghanistan. It was definitely a sight to see and it was very emotional as well.

Here are some photos:

Very impressive, huh?

And of course you all know that we had a little party tonight for Kevin and it turned out FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

I want to thank LuAnn and Rodney from the Allstars for laying out one heckuva spread for us. The food was fantastic and so generous of you! We love you guys!!

And truly - Kevin had a blast!! Matter of fact, I couldn't get him to leave and at 1am I pretty much forced him to go. I was beat and had a drive to get back to the hotel.

But as I mentioned - he really did have so much fun! A bunch of his friends showed up and it was so cool to see Kevin laughing and carrying on with them. I pretty much left him alone and visited with all my friends and it was just such a bittersweet feeling. On one side I was so darn happy to see everyone and on the flip side it really stinks that we have to leave again in a couple of days.

But, it is what it is and we all enjoyed tonight. That's what counts and I am so thankful to those that came!

And I have TONS of photos, but I am going to show them tomorrow night. I am just too tired to resize and edit them. And now this girl is going to bed!

RIP to those that perished on this day 9 years ago. We will never forget!


Miss Em said...

It was so good to see that Kevin and Jesse were enjoying a visit together.
I know when two or more Warriors get together they always have something in common to talk about...Beside...there was a Harley there also. Most men go "Ape-Sh!t" over 'Bikes' and can't talk enough about them.

YEAH!!!!! on the great get-together. So glad that it was FANTASTIC.
It was a shame that you "had to pull Kevin and yourself away" in order to get back to the motel.

Bouncing in my chair with anticipation on the pic's.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Linda G. said...

Leslie and Kevin!
It was a great pleasure to meet you both last nite! The one lady with me, Joanie, was a nurse in Vietnam before she come to the Glassplant to be a nurse, and on way home all she could talk about was Kevin, the smile on his face, and how he was her hero! She knows the kind of things that he went thru. And, you, Leslie..the smile on your face was just as meaningful. The happiness you both showed by being "home" was very uplifting. And also...Kevin remembered wanting to show us 3 women those pics on his phone...he come over to our table and cleared his throat to get our attention...and said here and handed Joanie his phone and said look with the biggest grin. Truly wonderful! We had a great time, and all 3 of us said we wouldn't have missed it for the world. Thanks to both of you for making it that way!!

Leslie (the other one) said...

I am so happy for you guys!! Kevin's progress is amazing!! WOHOO!!

Lorraine said...

It was great seeing you two last night. Kevin looks great he has come a long way since I saw him in Aug. 09. He will get more nights like this, the way he is progressing, he will do it. What determination between you and him. You are doing a great job pushing him to do better. Keep it up it is working. Safe trip back to TX. Hope all works out for you. Love ya, Lorraine

Jessica said...

I'm so so glad to hear that the get together went well! It's amazing and wonderful how much difference the plate has made. Thank God!

Looking forward to the photos! You guys are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm praying the court stuff turns out the way you hope. Take care.