Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 846 - Sep 22, 2010

Yay! Kevin did a full two hours of therapy!! He did fantastic! He rode the bike for quite a while, then did a bunch of exercises and then he went for a long walk outside - and this was all just PT. After that he immediately went into OT and they worked his arm and hand a full hour.

What I really love about this place is that they do a form of cognitive therapy on him while they are doing the other therapies. A few months ago, when Kevin first started there, they had him do a test with a wooden board full of holes with pegs in them. He had to take the pegs out and then put them all back in.

Today, he beat his time by 30 seconds! He has only done that test the one time so there has been no practice of any kind, it's just showing all of us the difference the plate has made in his head.

I was just so happy with it all today. For him to have the stamina to do all of that physical work and then also to think more clearly? Amazing!

And today I filed a complaint with the VA Inspector General's Office. It's step one in my plan of action and step two involves all the various congressmen. That step begins tomorrow.

I really hate that the VA has pushed me to these limits, but I have asked repeatedly for help and the whole way up the line the situation has been ignored. I really do try to be positive about things and I think you can all agree that I don't share the bad things that the VA does because this blog really isn't about that - it's about Kevin and our tale of recovery.

But sometimes...well sometimes things just need to be said.

I still really can't put it all out here on the blog yet as there are steps that still need to be taken, but hopefully by now you all know me well enough to know that I don't start trouble lightly and I most certainly don't do it for no reason whatsoever. Truthfully, I don't have the time or energy for this kind of stuff.

But to protect my son from unscrupulous people - I WILL DO ANYTHING! And it's unfortunate - but the people he needs protecting from are the very people that are actually supposed to be doing the protecting. Another total break-down in an organization designed to support their veterans.


And I just want to put out there that I am not bashing the VA as a whole - we all know that Mary - our wonderful FRC - rocks in my eyes, but there are certain people that really need to be removed from their positions. The VA shouldn't be about protecting your own ass and your own job - it's supposed to be about protecting - and taking care of - those that went over and fought for this country.

Ok. Enough ranting from me for tonight. Let's go back to thinking about what a fantastic job Kevin did at therapy today!!!


Anonymous said...

Yay for Kevin. He must know that this therapy is going to help him in the end,....He is making such amazing strides....Thank God for the plate!

Some of your issues just need to be addressed. Otherwise, who would know that things need fixing? Sorry it has to be you to make the fuss, but I'm sure that all of your readers are behind you in this matter. Thank goodness for the VA, but they are not a perfectly run outfit, ....your input can only improve them.

Keep smiling,....but forge ahead in what you know has to be addressed!

Praying for you guys,

Anne said...

I'm thrilled that Kevin is rocking his therapy (and sorry, but I love his hat!) I know you aren't bashing the VA, just some problem people within the system... my dad worked at the Tampa VA hospital for many years after he retired from 30 years in the USAF-he was chief of surgical supply, making sure that everything used was sterile; he was exemplary at his work and retired in '85.

I'll be honored to write letters if you need me to. We all have your and Kevin's back, hon.


DeeZee said...

Not sure if you saw this latest news, but it could directly relate to how things are going down the line.

Kris said...

WHAT A POST!!! Kevin's progress since the plate is just awe inspiring!! As his mom you must be so proud and happy inside to witness all of this - he is truly amazing. And so are you Leslie!

As for your fight with the VA (or at least certain employees :)) YOU GO GIRL. Our veterans and their families are owed so much, the least of which is the comfort of knowing you're really being taken care of.

God bless you all and can't wait to see what Kevin is up to next!!

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI

Tracey from Pgh. said...


Pat said...

You go girl! I can't tell you the number of times I have heard this administration talk about everything that is being done for our Veterans...and then say to DH that why aren't Keving and Leslie getting everything they need then!?

Perhaps it's time I start saying that to someone our Senators and Congressmen. It seems that they talk out of one side of their mouths when cameras are running and the other side when actual care is given. It really angers me and I have no one "close" who is going through this! Reading this site daily though, makes me feel that you and Kev are almost family. Again, YOU GO GIRL!

aggie said...

Go Kevin and Go Leslie!

Please let me know when/if it is time to do some contacting of officials on our part. I will be happy to do whatever you need...just say when and who to contact.

Anonymous said...

DeeZee, just so folks don't get confused, the Stars and Stripes article link you give is about someone in the Department of Defense and not the VA. Just don't want people to confuse the two.