Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 853 - Sep 29, 2010

Thank you all for all of your support today. I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to me. It's always nice to know that people understand why things are done and how choices are made and stand behind you.

Here's what I think it all boils down to though:

This blog was first created to keep family and friends in the loop and also to someday, hopefully, be able to share with Kevin the journey we all took together.

It's my belief that if you don't support Kevin, myself and Breezy as one unit...well, truthfully - the only reason you would want to be here is to cause trouble. Why else would you continue to read about someone that you don't stand behind?

It would please me greatly too if those that have a problem with something I have done take maybe a different path. If you really feel the need to police us - why don't you just email me your problem instead of trying to rile the readers into a frenzy? If you won't do it for me or anyone else - do it for Kevin. After all - he will be reading all of this someday (we have already started actually).

Please understand that I am a firm believer in freedom of speech and freedom of thought. Everyone has the right to believe what they want to believe, do what they want to do and feel what they want to feel. EVERYONE - including myself. And unfortunately, some of you are slamming me over and over again for doing just that. All of my thoughts are being questioned and all of my decisions are being attacked. I find it odd though that you can sure dish it out but start attacking anyone in your path when it comes back at ya - even if that person has never said or done a bad thing to you.

So there it is. If you want to stick around - do so. But I ask that you do it respectably, for Kevin's sake.

And to my friends on here - please just ignore the crap. These types of people WANT everyone upset and angry. It's the only reason that it would go from attacking me to attacking others around me (like my daughter - who has never done anything to anybody). They are just bitter, miserable folk with nothing to occupy their time.

So now back to the real world:

Kevin did great at therapy again today. He is building both strength and endurance and it pleases me so much. The OT wants me to purchase some weights to put on Kevin's arm for short periods of time trying to get it to stay down instead of always being curled upward. Such a great idea. Back in the beginning - here at BAMC - Pam did that with him. I forgot about it, but will be making a point to find those small weights tomorrow.

And speaking of tomorrow - it's possible Breezy will be finding out the sex of the baby in the afternoon. Kevin and I are going with her and Chris to the ultrasound and we are so excited. It will be Kevin's first experience with something like this and I hope he enjoys it.

And on Sunday, Kevin and I went to an art museum, but by the time we got there the actual museum was closed. The grounds were beautiful though and we spent some time in one area taking some photos. We are hoping to go back to the museum soon and actually visit and spend more time on the grounds. Here are a couple of photos:

And that's pretty much it. I have to say the weather here has just been beautiful the last couple of days. I have all the windows thrown open and I just love all the fresh air. Kevin and Lea even went for a walk last night, which was really nice.

Oh, and I finally creamed Kevin at Skipbo!!! LOL!


Tina said...

Amen to the first part of your post!!!
The photos are is amazing how far Kevin has come!!!
Hugs, love and support from El Paso,

Anonymous said...

I loved the pics;like previous pics you've posted they show us the huge progress that Kevin has made and they let us see his reactions and emotions.
Continue your fight for what's best for Kevin and ignore those that try to hold you back.You and your family are always in my prayers (and I just added Holee to them as I think she needs them too)

Anonymous said...

You know, some people just have an evil streak and can't say anything good about anything. This is my first and only blog that I read, and I hope that it represents a good cross section of humanity with most readers and commenters being supportive and caring. There are always some tho........

The weights are a great idea....hope it works! So glad to read of Kevin's amazing improvements. Keep sending pics!

So.....a girl or a boy???? Can't wait to find out!!

bearlythr said...

Although I read your blog yesterday, apparently I did so before Holee's bitter, mean spirited post...not the first time she has said evil things but by far the worst. What a petty, nasty person.

From the beginning what I have seen is a mother who would do anything to get the best care for her son and has tried to make his daily life as comfortable and as "normal" as is possible given such horrendous circumstances.

I do not care what problems Holee has had in her life, NOTHING gives her the right to stand in judgement of you since she has not walked one step in your shoes.

We all know you and Breanna have given up everything in your own lives in the best interest of Kevin. No social life, no friends no job...the list goes on as to what you have sacrificed. I also know you would do it again in a heartbeat because your love for your child outweighs everything.

Even if this government put you in a mansion with servants it would NEVER BE ENOUGH to repay the debt we as citizens owe for the price paid by Kevin and your family in defense of OUR freedom. As much progress as Kevin makes he will never have his old life back and whatever we can do in regard to "things" like houses or cars will never even the scoreboard.

Just for the record Holee, you can bet your sorry ass that if Leslie could have the old Kevin back, she would be in that "trailer down the road" in the blink of an eye.
Find someone else to badger and get a life.

Love you all Leslie...never give up, never give out and NEVER GIVE IN.

Anonymous said...

ooohhhh...I love babies, can't wait to hear what Breezy is having!!! Y

ay for the progress Kevin is making. Two steps back, one forward...small steps, but GREAT steps....praying for you all!!!


karen said...

beautiful pictures of Kevin, I love that you've gone to a park and art gallery, even if it were closed. That reminds me of our many attempts some trips to get out before 4 ... pm ... and that was with adults who could dress in less than 5. kwim?

Congrats on finally whooping his butt at the game too. Just goes to show, when you have a bit of extra energy ... ;-)


Kris said...

I'm so sorry that you have to fight so many battles in the first place, and have to fight the ones on the homefront, and on the blogfront. Sheesh.

And yes yes the photos are great!! Kevin looks fantastic!!! And so great to read how well he's been doing since the plate is back in - that kid truly is a MIRACLE!!!

Can't wait to find out about the baby!! What a cool thing for kevin to be a part of - and the baby's grandmother too!! :) So will you be a grandma, nana, grammy, ... ??

God bless you Leslie, Kevin and Breezy. You are all some of the strongest people on the planet. And I for one will always be out here sending thoughts, prayers, support and Angel Hugs your way. Every single day.

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI

Flee said...

Leslie you are awesome! You and Breezy are the reason Kevin is where he is! Stand strong and know that there are people all over the country who are praying for you and behind you all the way!!

Anonymous said...

The pics are so awesome, I agree with everyone, you can definitely see how far Kevin has come. SOOOOOO wonderful. Keep doing EVERYTHING you are doing Leslie, you are truly amazing and I admire you ! Boy or girl ??????

Long-time RN said...

Can't add much more than what's been said above. Keep strong, keep fighting. You've done a tremendous, wonderful job in caring for Kevin.

High five on the Skipbo win!

Thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hey just wanted to let you know that Holee's blog is open to invited readers only now..... She must not of liked people viewing their opinions on "her" blog... How amusing.....

Anonymous said...

I missed the past few days because I was sick and I've just caught up on all that is going on here.

Just wanted to say that I've been reading all of this time and I will keep reading, because I'm invested. I care what happens to Kevin, you and Breezy.

I've also been through enough in my lifetime to never ever dream of judging how you take care of your family, I'm just glad that you do. I often wonder how people in Kevin's situation survive without a family to fight for them.

I, like the vast vast majority of people that read here, stand behind you and beside you, and are grateful to you for sharing your story.

I am a better person for "knowing" Kevin and your family...and I'm going to refrain from giving people that will never be better people any more attention.

Just know that you are making a positive difference to people by sharing here.

So thank you....

Lisa D in Cali

Jessica said...

I don't know how you deal with all the crap, Leslie! And you've remained classy through it all. Good for you! :)

Glad to hear that Kevin's therapy is going well and hope the weights will help his arm. Do they have more Botox injections planned for it?

It'll be fun to find out what Breezy's having! I bet Kevin will be a great uncle.

You all take care and ignore the internet trolls out there. I'm praying for you and keeping you in my thoughts!