Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 830 - Sep 6, 2010

Today I went to the movies - all by myself. Lea came today and she brought along her boyfriend, Eric. Great guy! The three of them were playing games on the iPad when I left and when I got home roughly 4 hours later they were still playing, but they had moved to the table and were playing the board game "Sorry".

From what I gather Kevin stayed up with them the whole time I was gone. YAY!! I talked to Lea tonight about keeping Kev busy and out of bed as much as possible from here on out. I already talked to Johnny about it so we are all on a mission to get Kevin back to being a normal 22 year old guy!

I plan to talk to the place he goes to for therapy too (assuming the VA approves more therapy? I had thought it would be done by now...) and asking them to bump it from one hour a day to an hour and a half for now and eventually a full hour for each - PT and OT. Once he is doing well for that I want to get speech going more than once a week - so necessary right now as he is really saying a lot more.

I don't want to exhaust the kid, but this lying around all the time has got to go. He has been able to handle being up without any problems so maybe if we do it daily he will even get on a better sleep pattern. I think it will help his mood too.

And tomorrow we go and get Kevin's staples out - yahoo! I hope all goes well with that. He has pulled at least one out himself because it was 'bothering' him. Geesh. And then Wednesday we leave for PA. That's IF this tropical storm doesn't cause a whole bunch of problems...


Miss Em said...

Hello Leslie and Kevin,

It's soooo good to hear all the good things that are happening.

Itchy staple....yep that definitely needed to go...done that myself when I had them. Better than stitches because I would scratch them raw if I didn't put socks on my hands before I would start to relieve that nagging itch. ;~}

The work out sounds good because it will give Kevin another focal point on getting better.
Speech therapy ... you working with him on a daily basis is speech therapy...talking to other people is speech therapy...now all that needs to be done is to get him to do most of the talking when you guys are out...NO Problem--Right? ;~}

Can't hardly wait to hear of all the good things happening...march on troopers.

Miss Em

Jean S. (Michigan) said...

Hello Leslie and Kevin,

I am so glad to hear that Kevin has been doing so well. He is as good looking as ever!!

I was wondering if you know the due date for Breezy's baby and if she knows what the sex of the baby will be. Also, would you be able to tell me her address. I am sure both you and Kevin are ecited about the baby.

Give each other a hug and kiss for me.

Jessica said...

Thank heavens for good days! You all sure need them to stay sane. The therapy sounds very promising and I hope Kevin's able to stay active for longer and longer periods of time.

Thinking of you all and keeping you in my prayers (and saying a blessing for Lea and Johnny!) Take care.