Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 834 - Sep 10, 2010

The hearing happened today and it went very well. I am very happy with the outcome and am anxious to see how the next few days play out. Sounds cryptic, I know...but I need to hold my cards close to my chest just a few more days.

So anyway, one thing that happened after court today was my discussion with our attorney as to getting Kevin declared competent again. She didn't think it was even worth trying until I questioned her as to why. She told me Kevin couldn't communicate enough to get his point across and I said that yes, he could. I explained that if you make the questions yes/no or multiple choice - he can answer. So she said to me "Yeah, but do you really think he knows things? Do you think he knows who the president is?" I told her to ask him.

So she did. And here's how it went.

Who's the President? Choice #3 Obama

Is he the first African American president? Yes.

Have you ever voted? No and then he saluted to say that he was out of the country for a while and couldn't.

What school did you go to? Choice #3 Karns City

Where do you live? Choice #3 Texas

(at this point Kevin called her on the fact that she was only using option #3 and was making it too easy - she laughed)

Do you live alone? He told her he lived with his mom and made the sounds as if to say that Brianna lived near us, but not with us.

Does your mom cook dinner for you? Yes.

Do you like her cooking? No (snot!), but then he gave her his version of an exaggerated wink.

And so forth and so on. Kevin got everything correct. He also talked to her about Breezy being pregnant and how tired he is of surgeries and hospitals and that he just wants to be better.

When she was done we walked away from him and she said in awe - you will have no problems getting him declared competent. I told her to petition the court to set up a competency hearing.


I can't stress enough the changes in Kevin.

Matter of fact, just a few minutes ago I told Kevin we could actually sleep in tomorrow and the first thing he did was grab the 'do not disturb' sign and hang it on his door - first telling me to grab mine. I probably wouldn't have even thought of it.

So after the hearing we went up to Brady and visited a few friends. We hung out at the grocery store too and then we went back into Butler (where we are staying) and met up with Mike and Rebecca (from the Post Gazette) for dinner. They have become such good friends and it was so wonderful to see them.

After dinner, Ronnie came to the hotel and the boys hung out while I went swimming for a bit. We called it an early night and decided not to go anywhere as the last few days have been really hectic.

I will say though, that Kevin has been on the go since 9am and it's now 1:30am. No naps and no over-stimulation. We are not really having a problem with that much anymore - not since the plate was put back in. He was a little over stimulated the other day when we were driving home (Brady) from the airport, but who wouldn't be after a full day of traveling and then having me talking on the phone to the attorney for a long time while in the car. He still struggles a bit with noises in the car in all honesty.

But still...look at how far he has come!!! AMAZING!!!!!!

And just a quick reminder - Surprise get together at the Allstars tomorrow night in East Brady. We would like everyone there by 7 so we can pull in at 7:15. Kids are allowed until about 9pm and there will be a few snacks. I had wanted to pick up some drinks for the kids, but when thinking about it I realized Kevin will really question why I am buying all that stuff so I really can't. The bar will have soda and some juices and Uni-mart is across the street though.

I can't wait to see his face when you all scream "surprise!"...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Kevin did extremely well! How exciting! I can't wait to hear how your surprise get together goes! :)
Take care,
Kathy in IA

Miss Em said...

Hooooooray for the scheduling of the Compendency Hearing !!!!!!

It is so wonderful to hear how well Kevin is doing.
Keep up the hard work Kevin. You are doing such a fantastic job of returning to being a "working" citizen of our Country again.

Leslie, I waiting with baited breath to hear how the suprise party went. Lots of pictures to show all of us...PLEASE [beg..beg]

I know begging is not lady-like but sometimes it works...LOL.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Martha K said...

How nice it is to read ALL the good things happening I hope it is just the beginning. Wish I could have come up to Brady so we could meet finally but unable to travel at night and I don't like to go that far alone. Its heck to get old. Have a GREAT time and take care.
Martha K

Long-time RN said...

Wow, Kevin is making gigantic stides! It's just incredible reading of the changes and increasing comprehension since the plate was placed. Bravo Kevin! Big kudos to you as well, Leslie.

Looking forward to reading about the surprise gathering!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog from almost the beginning and have been so amazed and truly awestruck of your plight. As a vet it is so easy to put myself in your shoes, both me and my mom.

One of the things that has always struck me is how you never say a word about the people that caused this.

However, I have to say after reading today's post and to see the progress Kevin has made is proof that they did not win.