Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 758 - Jun 26, 2010

We had a super fantastic day today! One of Kevin's Army buddies from Afghanistan came in for the weekend to visit all of the "Herd" members at BAMC.

Anyway, Justin came over and he and Kevin just hit it off so well. They actually went for a drive together for quite a while - I was sooooo excited!!! - and then they came home and the five of us had dinner together (Breezy and Chris were here too).

After dinner (which, btw, Kevin sat through and ate plenty of!!) we all played a healthy game of Uno and then Justin had to go hook up with some of the other guys.

It was just so wonderful! Kevin did so well for HOURS and it really just made me so dang happy!

Truthfully, Kevin has been doing better now that we upped the methadone. He rarely takes any oxy and we only take Tylenol a few times a day now too. It could in part be the skin expander making his skin taut, but really...who knows and who cares. Whatever is doing it - I am liking it that Kevin isn't hurting as much and is starting to be able to do more.

So anyway, here is a photo of Kev and Justin:

I am really just so excited! I feel like things just might be getting better for Kevin (and in turn, me). We need it to. We have both just been snapping at each other and feeling sorry for ourselves and just all out feeling like crap. It's not the nature of our personalities so we really need to see a change.

Let's just hope I feel this way tomorrow because I am getting really tired of feeling down in the dumps...


karen said...

Glad to know that Kevin (and therefore you) had a terrific day and success. It is these kinds of days that carry us through and (obviously) for you they have of late been few and far between. I want to say words of encouragement for those times when you are down in the dumps, but really, that is the last thing somebody wants to hear at a time like that so ...

Blah! to those dumps. Here's to better days!

Michelle Long said...

That is such wonderful news.... Cheers to better days in the future!!! ~~~~ Michelle Long

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear things are improving...

Miss Em said...

Hello Leslie and Kevin

It's so good to hear that a member of the "Tribe" wants to spend valueable "leave time" with the "Herd" especially when one of the "Herd" is Kevin.

Please pass these words on to Justin...
"Sir, you are so much more than a Class act. Thank-you for giving Kevin so much of your valueable time."

It was also good to hear that the day was one of Great Happenings.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Long-time RN said...

Great picture! Great to see Kevin smiling!

Glad you and Kevin had a good day. I'll second Karen's comment. More good days your way, Leslie.