Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 744 - Jun 12, 2010

Kevin is doing pretty well today. He did sleep quite a bit for some reason, but we did manage to go down to the cafeteria for lunch.

He has a nurse all to himself tonight and the guy planted himself in Kevin's room and was doing things with him. I asked Kev if I could leave early as I had laundry to do and he was having such a good time with Glenn that he didn't care at all. Kev was in the process of showing him all of his videos and they were even skimming parts of "Out Cold" - Kev's favorite movie of the moment. This guy was really great with Kevin when we were in-patient the last time so I was really happy to see him tonight.

I did think we were going home today, but obviously we didn't. I am hoping we get to go home tomorrow, but I'm not sure. He seems well enough to me, but I heard (in passing) that they were keeping him partly so that I could have a break. I don't know if it's true, but I'm not gonna lie and say I don't appreciate it. It's been very rough lately dealing with all of the pain issues and being homebound. Kevin has really been miserable a lot the last couple of months and it just weighs so heavy on my heart to see him like this. I just wish there was a way to make him feel better.

So anyway, I am going to sign off early. Finally - FINALLY - I am going to watch Avatar! I was so adamant that I was going to see it at the theater in 3-D, but Kevin refused to go and there just wasn't time for me to get out and see it without him. Crazy, huh? It was in the theaters for months and months! But no matter - I am already about 20 minutes into it and am so impressed with what I'm seeing so far.


Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed "Avatar"! :)

Miss Em said...

Hello Leslie and Kevin,

Leslie, if they are keeping Kevin for a few extra days for a break for you...then enjoy as much as you can... sit down, put your feet up or go take a nap when you feel the need. nough said.

Kevin getting Glenn again makes sense especially when they get along so well. ?? Ever think that Glenn asked for Kevin??

Enjoy the movie and the night of rest.