Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 733 - Jun 1, 2010

I can hear Kevin in his room practicing his alphabet song. I have been really working with him on more words and him being able to sing his ABC's. He is really doing fantastic - he is up to the letter G and he says everything so clearly so far.

He is also able to say 'turn off the lights' now, but he still struggles getting the sentence out when he needs to say it. Most of the time I have to make the "t" sound as my finger is on the light switch. This will prompt him to say it. He often needs a little nudge in the right direction.

I do think that maybe 5 years or so down the road Kevin will be able to have some amount of conversation, but I think he will always have to think about how to say what he wants to say. I believe that at times the wrong sentence may come out of his mouth as well, but really...who cares, right? If he could just communicate with his friends and those around him that would be so wonderful.

I am excited too in that a speech pathologist is coming to the house on Thursday to do an evaluation on Kevin. She's not sure she will be able to continue to come, but she can at least help me to best know how to train him. So far my teaching has been by trial and error and I look forward to some guidance.

And that really sums up this post. It's been a bit of a rough few days, but it's time to wipe the sweat and drive on, right?



Lorraine said...

Good Morning,
Heres hoping today is a little better day. Any progress in the speech development is good progress. Good luck with the speech therapist.
Take care, stay sane, Lorraine and Rick Oh yea did you see on FB that Rick got a tattoo of a duck, yea Rick the one that is afraid of needles but wanted Howard on his chest. When he gets the white put back in again will post on FB. Mid life crisis that is what I say lol

Alison said...

Progress is progress, no matter how large or small the steps are. That's great to hear he's doing better and that the days are continuing to improve!

Long-time RN said...

Sorry to read of a rough few days. Hope things are a bit smoother this week.

Also hope the speech therapist offers plenty of useful ideas and methods for you. High five to Kevin and his progress!