Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 741 - Jun 9, 2010

We are ensconced in the hospital and Kevin is trying to get some sleep. They had to put him in a double room this time, but no one is in there with him so I commandeered the other bed. I decided to stay tonight as his surgery is in the morning sometime so I actually have a bed instead of a cot - yipee!

Darn. They just came in and said the blood they got was no good so now they have to start sticking him again. It is so difficult to get blood from him because his veins are just so used up. We have to get some though, no matter how many pokes it takes. This is making me wish I would have just tried to do some of it yesterday. Grrr...

I guess I need to wrap this up as the nurse needs some help. Not much else to say anyway.


Anonymous said...

If Kevin veins are hard to get blood from why don't you ask them to put a port in? It is like a little disc they put in under the skin. They use it for kemo. but they can also get blood they need from it without poking him all over the place. My prayers are with you and Kev. Today and always. Becky

Long-time RN said...

My first thought was the same as Becky's, a port for blood draws. Perhaps that's not an option d/t his recent bout with MRSA. Thoughts and prayers.

karen said...

thinking about you guys ... may all be well.

Gork said...

Just catching up with the blog. We continue to remember you ALL, earnestly in prayer, day by day. Your challenge is a daunting one. May the God of comfort and strength be with you, and sanctify unto you so great an offering on the altar of Sacrifice.
----(Rev.) "Jack" Moriarty
1st Presbyterian Church, East Brady.