Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 748 - Jun 16, 2010

I am really sorry that I didn't check my post last night. I always do, but Kevin was impatient to get the game started to I just hit the button and walked away without looking. I went to bed after we played a few hands so I didn't see it until later today. I really am sorry for those of you that worried unnecessarily.

So anyway, the case manager is working on different avenues to get a new mattress. She called today and feels our frustration and I am trying to feel confident that it may happen soon.

She did get the reverse osmosis rolling. I talked to the water filtration guy a few times today and it appears the water softener will be here next week sometime. I don't know if I mentioned that San Antonio water is not good for burn patients to shower in. I never knew about this, but I would hazard a guess that Florida water is no better.

And poor Kevin today. His shower stall is just a small one and because he can't get his stitches wet he had to take a bath today. When sitting in his shower, the water just beats down on his head and he can't get his head or face wet. So anyway, I helped him get into the tub, which is one of those garden tubs - really deep - and that went RELATIVELY easy. BUT, getting him back up and out of it - now that was a whole different story. We both struggled and after about 10 minutes of us trying to find a way to do it, I finally just crawled into the tub and basically lifted him out by grabbing him under his arms and around his ribs. Geesh does that boy need to lose some weight.

I so hope that they remove all of his stitches tomorrow when we go to see the doctor. Not sure how many days I can lift him out of that thing.

And the new aide came today. She was a very nice older woman, but I did reiterate that we would prefer a young man. They are going to keep looking for someone in the meantime.

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Miss Em said...

Hello Leslie and Kevin

??? Would not a 2 gallon plastic food storage bag that had been slit up one side be useable as a shower "hood" until the stitches get removed. If that is not big enough then go to a small unused garbage and/or on up in sizes until you find the right size that will fit over all of Kevins head then just trim it up to where its like a open face hood. I know that it will look funny but it will allow Kevin the ability to stand-up in the shower.
Perhaps one of those elastic sweat bands for the head would work to make certain that it didn't slide off while Kevin was taking a shower. ???
It the stitches come out today make a note of this suggestion for the future.

Didn't know about the types of water that can be/is bad for burns. Thanks for the tip. Guess I should get some bottles of saline solution for the kitchen just for the occassional burns.

Take care Leslie and try NOT to hurt your back while lifting Kevin.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.