Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 740 - Jun 8, 2010

Yes! We are being admitted to the hospital tomorrow and the charge nurse told us that she would just do all of his pre-op testing when we got there. I guess they are only taking blood - which really is the hardest of it all - but at least we didn't have to go down and do blood work in the lab.

After we had our doctor's appointment and visited the burn ward, we went and sat with Maritza and Jose for a good hour or so. Joel was having surgery today so they were in the waiting room. I sure missed them and so did Kevin. It's been rough being mostly homebound so today was a nice day visiting with friends.

I did have a talk with the pain doc too about Kevin's pain level. Both Kevin and I are very anti-pill, but this constant pain thing has got to go. The doc wants me to check Kevin into the hospital for 10 days (not this trip though) and we will start the detox process. We will know then if it's real pain in the head or if it's addiction. He wants me to think about it so I am going to sit down and run the pros and cons of doing it now vs doing it after the plate is put back in. No matter which way I swing - something has to be done. He can't continue to live like this when it's not really necessary.

So anyway, Michelle Long - you asked when Kevin would be getting the plate put back in and he will have to have the skin expander in for a minimum of two months. On the day it comes out - the plate goes in. This is all barring any infection, which as far as we know he is free of at this point.

IF his head gets infected with the expander, it will be removed and we will have to wait 3-6 months before it can be re-implanted. Let's just hope that doesn't happen!


Martha K said...

Hi Leslie hoping everything goes well and no infections Kevin has been thru enough just wanted you to know there is alot of prayers going on for him here in Mars PA and for you also daily take care Martha K

Jessica said...

Hope everything goes as planned. I'll be thinking about Kevin all day tomorrow and praying for a successful surgery. Take care.