Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 750 - Jun 18, 2010

Kevin had yet another great day. He did sleep (his kind of sleep - not the normal kind) until almost 3pm, but since he woke up and stayed up, he has been in a great mood.

Sadly, he wouldn't allow the new aide to do anything for him, but we have a young man coming on Monday so we will see how well that works out.

Anyway, we had a nice dinner (which he sat through entirely!) and then we played a very competitive game of Skipbo. I am loving the fact that he has become quite a vindictive player. Beware Moe - he is more cutthroat than even I am, lol.

After dinner, we Skyped with everyone in Florida. I don't think I mentioned that my niece, Chrissy, is getting married tomorrow. It's heartbreaking to both Kevin and I that we aren't able to be there. Everyone is staying at the house and it's just so sad that we are missing such a large event in our family.

But, I must say that my parents look wonderful! I think they are lovin' having everyone around. Kevin got very upset when the kids were all going out for the night and he realized that he wasn't able to do it, but he rebounded after we hung up.

So directly after Skyping Kevin actually stayed in the living room and we watched "The Wizard of Oz" together. He has been out of his bed/room for hours now.

And - and get this - he did not take one dose of oxy today!!! He took Tylenol only 3 times too!

The doc mentioned yesterday that the expander may fool the brain into believing the plate is in. I thought about that the other day because with the skin taut like that it becomes hard. I didn't ask though so I'm glad the doc mentioned it. Wouldn't that be great if he was able to be up more and to not have so much pain?!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! I'm so glad he was feeling better and hope it is from the expander. If that's the case, it will be so nice to have some relief from all of the pain for an extended time. It sounds like you had a good day and I hope the weekend goes the same. Sorry you weren't able to attend the wedding, but glad you were able to see everyone together. I'm so excited about the expander if it is what is making Kevin feel better.
My aunt has had really bad headaches for years. She wears this thing on her neck that "tricks" or tells her brain that she doesn't have pain. I'm not sure how it works, but it gives her relief.
It's such great news about him not taking so much pain medicine too. I believe in controlling the pain, but it was so nice to hear he was doing great without it! Yeah!!! :)
Have a great weekend!
Kathy in IA

Anonymous said...

That sounds great!

Long-time RN said...

Wow, some steps of postive progress!! Very good to read Kevin's pain is decreasing, no matter what the mechanism. Also great to read your parents are are lookin' good. Have a good weekend, Leslie.

Jessica said...

Yay for another good day! Wouldn't that be great if the expander helped with the pain. He sure could use a break like that.

It's wonderful that Skype allows you to keep in touch with your family so closely. But of course it's not the same as being there and that is so hard to miss milestone events.

I'll be thinking of you and keeping you both in my prayers.

karen said...

woot woot and fingers crossed!

triciapeever said...

Sounds like a great day. You must be thankful for those.