Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 378 - Jun 13, 2009

We didn't really do much today. We got up and went to the mall because Kevin needed some shorts and a new hat, but that's about it. Stuff like this actually takes a few hours and that about wears us both out, so we just came back to the house and took naps and then ordered a pizza for dinner.

I will say that Kevin went into the fitting room at Pac Sun today and tried all of the shorts on. Big step. He is so particular about how his shorts fit, lol. I will also say that we had to buy the next size up too. I told ya he was putting on some weight, lol.

We did have a little instance where he was really looking his face over and he was not liking what he was seeing. It only lasted maybe 3 minutes and I was able to distract him so it didn't get him down long at all. I hate to see that look of sadness in his eyes...


Tandra said...

Hi Leslie! I have been following Kevins story for about 11 months.
Ive posted a comment a couple times, but mainly I check every day for updates. Its been an amazing journey. I pray for your family every day.

I have a favor if you ever have a free moment (riiigghht! lol)
My friends son who is 20, is at Bethesda, (I think for a week now), and they are staying at Fisher house also. If you could ever look them up, and just give them hope and inspiration, that would be awesome!
Russell and Jackie Minsky are mom and dad. Their son had been in Afghanistan for a month, when a mortar blew up.
I know how busy you are, I dont know how big Fisher house is, but if you cant I truly understand.
His youngest sister is a friend of my daughters at school.

God Bless you and your family, every day!
Tandra Boyer

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie, I am so excited for Kevin and his surgeries. I just know they will turn out great. I can not wait for the ceremony at Riverfest. Barry and his family are going on vacation but are coming back especially for that.Love ya, Pam,

Jessica Canham said...

It's got to be really tough to accept such a drastic change in his appearance. Thank God for modern medicine that can do such wonders with cosmetic surgery! I can't wait to hear how much better he feels about himself once it's done. You're both in my thoughts and prayers.