Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 101 - Sept 9, 2008

Another great day! Today Kevin drank about 2 ounces of Powerade. It was so funny because Breezy poured it into a cup and I was going to use the spoon to give him sips and he pushed it away at first. I was surprised, but then he reached his arm out and grabbed the bottle from Breezy and brought it to his lips to take his own drink! I had to grab it real fast so that he didn't pour it down his throat - he is just not steady enough or ready enough to drink that much that fast. Oh - and then when I talked to the speech pathologist about something, Kevin tapped my arm and made the motion to 'come here' using his hands - meaning give me more right now! I was trying so hard not to laugh! But seriously, he was so upset when we had to call a halt to his drinking it. We didn't want to give him too much yet because we weren't sure how well he would tolerate it. I can happily say that there were no problems and believe it or not, his tongue is still blue almost 9 hours later, lol.

And guess what tomorrow brings? Applesauce! I can't wait!! (and to the person who works SP - the pathologist is always there when we do these things. I would never risk my son by doing something he is not ready to do - and I am not knowledgeable enough to know when he is fully ready for these changes)

Another great thing was that he was doing physical therapy and the nurse told him to do 5 leg lifts and he did five and only five on his own. Meaning, she didn't count to five - he did it himself. I guess he can still count, huh?

And I do believe his trach is coming out tomorrow. Yay!! Neurosurgery finally gave the ok, so respiratory will come up at some point and remove it. I am so looking forward to that!

That pretty much sums up our day. I guess Tim is coming tomorrow. I had to give authorization for the Army to pay for his flight and his lodging as I am Kevin's NMA (non-medical attendant). I am second guessing my decision because I am worried about Kevin having a setback. I wish Tim would think about how hard this would have to be on Kevin due to the fact that he can't voice his thoughts or emotions. It's just not really the right time. It's been frustrating enough for Kev and now this. If Tim would just realize what Breezy is feeling, he might understand how detrimental this trip could be to Kevin. I just don't understand why he thinks everyone wants to welcome him back with open arms. I thought he 'got it' when I told him last time exactly how devastating his abandonment was through the years for both his kids. But I guess some people just don't care about what others feel or want.

Oh well, I did allow him to come just in case Kevin wants him here, but I will be keeping a close eye on the situation. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is going to mentally or physically harm either of my kids if I can help it ever again. And this time - I am stronger. I am bitchier. And I can help it.

Phew! That felt good!

But, to end on a positive note - Kevin really did have another spectacular day!

And I will get to everyone's questions tomorrow. I have written enough for tonight, lol.


Anonymous said...


WOW Les it gives me goose bumps to read your blogs! I love the way you express yourself as well as stand up for your son. YOU GO GIRL!!! And if anyone has anything to say about your feelings, and concern.......f@$* em!

I am so glad Kevin is doing so good. I am so happy he is responding well to you all. He is a true fighter.

I hope when he gets that trach out he speaks his mind! And you know what I mean!!!!
Love ya,

PS: The ones who haven't read your blog at work say hello and to please take care!

Holee said...

He can count! That takes more then just following a direction! It takes memory & thought!

Here's my take: If you wouldn't walk every mile & sleep on a cot at the Y among the homeless to see your child, then you don't belong there. Anyone can take a free ride.

I hope Kev likes applesauce. At least it has some flavor compared to jello. Way to go Kev!

Anonymous said...

Leslie, We are so glad Kev is doing so well.
I can completely understand your whole take on the deal with Tim.For soe reason they just don't get the fact that being a father when it is convienient for them is not acceptable!I can only tell you to be strong and pick up the pieces I have been there. (the whole thing that pisses me off is this situation is a million times worse) you would think with his past "proffession" he would get it from an outsiders view,but that would be asking too much.Trust in the fact that if Kev is able to remember how to count to five he will remember what an ass "some" people can be and take it with a grain of salt.
On a better not....since Kevin wants to drink minus a spoon,what about one of the newer sippy type cups? He may not like that either but at least he can drink on his own and not bathe in whatever is in the bottle...lol.
Love and hugs to you all Leslie!

Anonymous said...

It's 5:00am and I haven't had enough coffee so I forgot to sign my post ...lol...that last one was mine .

Darla and Sammi

Anonymous said...

Way to go Kevin !!His determination
and strong will is amazing,but we
all know where he gets it from....
As far as Tim coming there;the staff will be watching for signs that his being there is too much for Kev and they will stop it fast.
Leg lifts,counting to five,and drinking powerade...huge steps in the right direction!!!
keeping you guys in thoughts and prayers always

Jeff said...

This is all wonderful news way to go Kevin. I fell behind on my reading. I read the last two days together and what a great way to start my day, just fantastic.

As the saying goes "where there is a will there is a way" and Kevin is finding his way with your help and Breezy's help. Can't leave out the hospitals docs and other good people also. It's clear that Kevin is on his way back and he is getting stronger with each day.

Leslie your 100% right you stand up for Kevin and Breezy do what you must to protect them, your a great mom for sure.

I look forward to your next post. Kevin's journey back is a wonderful thing to watch!
God bless you all,

Anonymous said...


Diana Bellman said...

Hi Les, I am so happy and excited to hear about all the great progressions with Kevin. I'm really glad he's doing good. As for your thoughts on Tim-I ain't saying a word as you already know my thoughts on that subject. I hope you all have another wonderful day and remember you're the mother, you know what's best for Kevin and whatever decisions you need to make for his well being, Make them. Including visitors. Tell Breezy hello for me and tell her to keep her strength as well while Tim is there. Love you all! With thoughts and prayers from PA,
Love, Diana

lori said...

what wonderful news. drinking (almost on his own) and applesauce today. that will feel so good to him i am sure.

i will continue to pray that each day holds more steps forward and gives you something special to hold in your heart.

you have been a wonderful mother and never second guess yourself, just continue to be there for him and for breezy.

looking forward to more good news... have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

I can not begin to even imagine what you went through with the children having an absent father. However, maybe he has come to his senses and realizes the mistakes he has made. That does not eliminate your feelings or that of your children. However, tragedies have a way of making people sit up and take notice of mistakes they have made in their past.

Dianna Switzer,East brady said...

Hi leslie its me again dianna-karens daughter...its good to hear how good kevin is doing..i know we all in brady miss him dearly..we hope he comes home soon...we will all be here to welcome him with open arms..i know i will!!! I cant wait i'm excited he's getting better!!!

It sucks his dad is gonna come there and upset him..i can understand your point on not wanting him there. My father walked out on me and my brother when i was 1 so i know what its like not to have a dad around then when i'm an adult for him to try and be a father now its not right he should have been around when i was younger. So i know where kev and breezy are coming from not wanting him there..he dont deserve to see kev he walked out!! So he aint no father a real man would have been there all day everyday of their lives!! YOU GO GIRL..KICK HIS ASS HAHAHA..LOVE AND MISS YA all cant wait for you all to come home..take care!!

patblackmon said...

I am so happy for you guys and how good Kevin is doing. I just found out about this from Kim I will be checking every day now. Things are going good here too. Feel free to e-mail any time

Donna said...


What wonderful news about Kevin being able to drink and applesauce! Hooray!!

Listen, the plastic letters you are wanting, are they the magnet letters that you get to put on your frig or what? Let me know what you are looking for and I'll get them and get them down to you right away!

I am keeping everyone at East Brady Baptist up to date on everything and everyone sends their prayers.

God bless you and continue to take care of yourself as well! You are no good to Kev or Breezy if you wear yourself out.

John Grishman.... Have you read Bleachers yet? I'll send it down to you if you haven't. Wasn't his best, sports related and all that, but was good.

Let me know about the letters and the book.

Take care of yourself.

Donna :)

Jessica said...

I'm so thrilled about these latest developments! That's so awesome that he can still count and that he's able to swallow on his own. He probably doesn't realize yet what big accomplishments they are! I've been praying throughout the day that the trach tube removal would go well, and I'll also be praying about the "Tim situation"! Take care!

Jodi said...

WOW!!! Another AWESOME day for you three!!! I am so happy for you!!! Great job Kev!! Keep fighting kiddo!!! I am so proud of you!! And Andrew would have been too....

About the other situation...stick to your guns! YOU are in charge of your son, stay strong and stay real to yourself and Kevin! YOU know what's best, no one else!!!
And screw "FORGIVNESS". No one knows what you and the kids went thru. And no one can judge you for it!!! And if they do, screw them!

Healing and positive thoughts for Kevin.
Safe thoughts for all military personnel.
Big hugs and lots of kisses for all of you!!!
Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrew's Aunt Jodi

sa said...