Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 912 - Nov 27, 2010

Well, everything is all moved in. I am still organizing and probably will be for days, if not weeks, but at least we are all out of there. I have to go back Monday while Kevin is in therapy and clean the old apartment, but then we are done.

So my sister and her boyfriend were kind enough to bring some of our things in a truck from FL. They also helped us move, along with Chris and Johnny.

Kevin was most excited to have his bike back. As soon as he got up and moving today he wanted to go for a bike ride. I don't know why I didn't notice it then, but Mr. Kevin didn't have a helmet on. I thought about it later today and sure enough - the pictures below prove it. Kevin's in trouble...

This community is very small and very quiet. It's also very flat, which is perfect for his bike.

And tonight we first had dinner with our good friend, Pam. We haven't seen her in a while and I'm so glad we got together. Kevin picked on her the whole time, but she gives as good as she gets, lol.

After that, we went home and got ready and then we went out for a while. One of the guys at the center that Kevin goes to for therapy is the lead singer in a band and they were playing at a little pub tonight. I think it was their first show and Kevin really wanted to go. We stayed maybe an hour and a half and we had fun. A few of the other 'patients' were there, so we did sorta know a few other people too. Here is a pic of Kevin at the club:

And lastly, here is a photo of Kevin with some of the Atreyu band members from the other night:


karen said...

So awesome that he has his bike!!!! I know, I live for my bikes, and my three wheeler that I haul my kids around in is what has made all the difference in my life since I got it some 6 months ago ... (picture of bike on an abandoned blog idea ... lol)


Lorraine said...

Boy it was great to read wonderful news from you guys. Hard work unpacking but it seems to be for the better for all. Yea ride that bike build up those legs muscles.
Take care,
Lorraine and Rick

Cathy M said...

Ahhh, cute photo of Kevin with the band!

Kevin, listen to your mother - use your helmet!

Jessica said...

Glad to hear that you had some help moving and that Kevin was able to do some heavy lifting. All that physical therapy is paying off! That was nice of your sister to drive all that way with more stuff and Kevin's bike. Great photo of Kevin with the band! He probably should have had a helmet in the mosh pit, too! lol.

You're in my thoughts and prayers. I hope this condo works out for you two. You could use a break! Take care.

Long-time RN said...

So good to see Kevin on the bike! Uh, ya, I'll ditto the helmet comments!

Great photo with the band. Sure hope you get settled in and your new place works out well for you and Kevin.