Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 897 - Nov 12, 2010

My parents went home this afternoon. Kevin hated it that they left and tried to get them to stay. It was such a bittersweet moment as we pulled away from the airport because it was sad to see them go, but as we were driving off, Kevin leaned out the window and screamed "I love you, grandma. I love you, Pap.". I started tearing all up and he just got all quiet. I doubt my parents heard him because it was so loud there, but it was just so amazing to hear Kevin say those words so fluently.

Really, he is just learning so many words. And he will now be starting to have speech 3 times a week so I expect an even more rapid build of his vocabulary.

And speaking of therapy - can you believe that Kevin handled all three therapies in a row today? Yes. Three hours straight of therapy. Can you guys remember when we first discharged from the hospital and we had to drive to therapy three times a day? We would drive 20 minutes down, do a half hour or so of PT, drive home so Kevin could rest due to overstimulation, then drive back for OT and back home for another rest and then one more trip for 15 mins or so of speech and finally our last drive home. It was so exhausting and it just reminds us of exactly how far Kevin has come. He was never able to do more than 30 minutes of each therapy - usually a lot less than that and now he does three hours straight. Amazing, huh?

And still speaking of therapy, I discussed Vision Therapy with a doc from the VA today. I am curious if other parts of Kevin are starting to work because his brain is still rewiring (we have seen DEFINITE improvements in his right arm/hand), couldn't some/all of his vision possibly return too? I know that it takes working these body parts to remind his brain that he has them so I want to look into getting him into some sort of vision rehab. His brain just needs to remember that he CAN see peripherally to the right. There is absolutely nothing wrong with his eyes - it's just that his brain can't process what is sees on that side.

So hopefully we can get that rolling. And soon.


Long-time RN said...

Kevin's progress is amazing. It's great reading of increased tolerance to activity and stimulation. Bravo, Kevin, on all your therapy efforts!

Pattie said...

Yes! I can remember because for me it was only a week or so ago. It's so wonderful to see him grow like this. How are the nights coming? Was the all-nighter a one-of?