Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 908 - Nov 23, 2010

Kevin had a most wonderful night tonight! His favorite band, Atreyu, was in town and we went down early this evening and spent an hour or so with the guys in their tour bus just visiting. Lucky for me (and my ears), Johnny was able to take him back at 10pm for the concert. The band gave Kevin a couple of tickets (and a bunch of other paraphernalia) and they held a table right in front.

You had to know that Kevin wasn't interested in sitting though, right? No way. Not my boy. Johnny told me Kevin went straight for the mosh pit. Yikes. I'm glad I wasn't there. I guess he did pretty well, but I'm still glad I wasn't there. I am also glad that he could act like a normal 22 year old without him mommy hanging around, ya know?

And man - he was just so excited! He kept thanking me over and over like I did something special. As if I wouldn't have taken him, lol.

So I got some stuff done around the house, but mostly I watched the finale of DWTS. It was a nice, quiet evening at home and I always love those.

It's gonna be a bit hectic here over the next few days so I enjoyed it while I could. But now, I really need to get to bed. It's after 4am and I am whooped. Hopefully Kevin remains sleeping so that I can too...


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you both had an enjoyable evening! It's great that Johnny is able to take Kevin places too!
Hope the move is going well!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Kathy in IA

Pattie said...

That band seems to do a lot for Kevin, not just that they are cool to him, but they seem to inspire him to do all he can.

Thought of you and Kevin as I read this article:

Wouldn't it be great if Kevin is able to tell you someday when he was actually aware of the things around him - back in the days before he began to speak and, it seems to me, showed more anger.

I've wondered for years whether there's really somebody "in there" who just can't make the connections to speak, but it's always been in connection with dementia/Alzheimer's.

Cheers to quiet evenings and mosh pit adventures!