Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 896 - Nov 11, 2010

If you can believe it - Kevin slept ALL NIGHT last night!!! I can't recall when he actually fell asleep, but I believe it was before midnight and I didn't get a call until 6:30 this morning (and even then it wasn't for pain meds)!

We started him on Aleve because the Ibuprofen wasn't working any longer and I realize it could be a fluke, but he did take a good dose before going to sleep. He didn't need any pain medication from 9pm last night until 9am this morning. Fantastic!!!

And better yet, he only took pain meds 4 times today (our days run from midnight to 11:59pm)!!!

We are hoping that as the doses build up in his system it may take care of the pain totally. Wouldn't that be so wonderful?

And tonight Kevin and Johnny went to a movie. My mom, dad, Breezy and I spent the evening making the hard tack candy both Breezy and my niece have been craving and it was such fun to do that together. And then we all had a nice dinner together because my parents are going home tomorrow. They are hoping to be able to come back when Breezy has the baby, but we'll see...

And to end this post - thanks to everyone for wishing Kevin a Happy Veterans Day! He is so my hero!


Anonymous said...

He is SO MY HERO also! (And so are you, Leslie---what a committed, loving,caring, WONDERFUL person you are. Kevin is very lucky.)

Great to hear that things are getting somewhat better. It would be totally amazing if Aleve was the answer. I'm praying it is this simple.

Have a great day!
Thoughts and prayers to you,

Pattie said...

I gotta tell you, you're both my heroes! You are both so strong. That's what it takes for military wives and mothers - strength. It can be such a difficult life.

You two are also lucky to have such a great community behind you. They'll always have your back, you can be sure of that.

Sleeping thru the night!! Kinda like having a new baby and realizing when you open your eyes to their cry that it's LIGHT out!! What a wonderful gift for you both!

I got a little carried away with Veteran's Day on my FB page. (I do that from time to time ;) Hope you don't mind that I included Kevin in my post. I'm just so happy for the men and women who come home, and especially for those who battle their injuries back the way Kevin has.

And tomorrow we'll meet a plane at Ft Huachuca carrying a young man who wasn't so lucky. The happy tears make the sad ones more bearable.


aggie said...
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aggie said...

oops...sorry about deleting comment - I forgot to preview my post and I had too many typos!

YAY! So glad Kevin slept so long, which means, I hope, that you got some sleep, too!
Happy belated Veterans Day, Kevin. I actually thought of you several times yesterday, but the day got kind of crazy and I never got on the blog. and all veterans truly deserved to be honored on 11/11!

(Leslie....remember the 11:11 thing we talked still happens to me almost everyday...each time I see it I think of Kevin, and my former student Nikki who always saw it (sadly Nikki passed away from leukemia a few years ago - coincidentally at 11:11 in the morning....
Sorry for the little tangent...

I am truly grateful for Kevin and all veterans who have served so bravely..

On a side note, Leslie- I sent you an email, but I know you have been busy with your folks there. I will try to call this weekend to follow up :-)