Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 885 - Oct 31, 2010

Breezy, Chris and Anthony all went back to their homes today. It will be a whole different ballgame with the three of them gone and we will miss all the fun times.

But we still had a great day today. Our neighbors came over for wings before the Halloween festivities began and then everyone got ready to either trick-or-treat or hand out candy. Kevin and I opted to sit outside and hand out candy with my mom and a couple of our neighbors that came over and sat there with us. We all know Kevin loves kids and he really had a blast as he sat there in his Bob Marley hat. He was in fine form tonight too, lol.

Tomorrow we have some visiting to do. It was such a hectic weekend with everyone here that we didn't get much done, but we do plan to begin making the rounds tomorrow. We aren't going to be able to stay too much longer because Kevin must get back to Texas to get this pain taken care of. He also needs to get back to therapy as he is really moving that hand and arm much more than he could a few months ago. And I am excited to say that his speech therapy finally got approved right before we left, so we can get that started again too.

And now I really need to try to get some sleep. Kevin's been calling pretty regularly the last couple of hours though, so I doubt it's gonna happen...


Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie :), Pattie here

Wanted to share with you something I read in the Special Anniversary Issue of DISCOVER magazine -- The article is entitled "Uncovered: How a Brain Creates a Mind" and it says "Probably the most powerful idea to emerge from these innovations was the realization that neuroplasticity, the brain's capacity to change and adapt, PERSISTS INTO ADULTHOOD [!!!!] ... the implication is that damage or injury might be reversed"

The studies of the brain are being done by Columbia University neuroscientist Eric Kandel, among others. I think Kevin is already demonstrating what they're learning.

As I've read your story over the past few days I've cheered, and sighed, and groaned out loud. Honestly, my dog was totally confused by my outbursts -- especially the sighs and groans which brought her to my side immediately! She's so intuitive. So let me just say that Laney (the dog) and I are happy to be cheering for you and Kevin lately and we hope its the beginning of many, many more leaps ahead for Kevin.


Kris said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of your awesome day at the beach!! So many smiles going around, it warmed the heart!!! Wish you guys could have days like that every single day, you SO deserve that.

God bless you Leslie, Kevin, Breezy, Chris and everyone. God bless you all. You're all in my thoughts and my prayers each and every day.

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI