Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 901 - Nov 16, 2010

Today has just been a mostly crappy day. Do you remember how last November we got a flat tire? Umm...yeah. I think I am going to refuse to drive anywhere next November.

So we were coming back from looking at the house for rent, cruising along at about 70ish or so on the highway and we heard this really loud noise coming from the back. I looked at Kevin...he looked at me...and then he pantomimed his wheelchair, thinking that it must have shifted in the trunk. Honestly, I would have never known we had a flat until I saw the dash telling me I had zero pressure in the passenger rear tire and needed to get air immediately. The car wasn't driving any differently than it had been. Strange, huh? (for all you motor heads out there - could this be because the tires are high performance?)

So we veered over to the shoulder and within a few minutes Johnny texted me and said he was out of school early and was on his way. This was perfect as he would be driving right past us and I called him to have him stop and pick Kevin up and take him home. I had already notified OnStar to send someone and the mechanic called me a while later and asked me to look in the trunk and see if there was a spare. You would think there would be, right? Isn't it standard to include a spare in the trunk when you purchase a new car? Ummm...apparently freakin' not. There was a spare battery, but who would ever even look for one of those?

So the mechanic wasn't able to tow and after close to 45 minutes passing already, I now had to send for a tow truck. You had to know that it was rush hour by then too, right? Yep. It took almost another hour and a half for the tow truck to get there.

So I made it home. The car was towed and I guess I have to call in the morning and have the garage do the necessary work. I have absolutely no idea how to get to the car once it's done, but I'll figure it out. A cab, I guess.

And then I came home and Dancing With the Stars didn't tape! Man! That was just the icing on the cake.

But, I did like the townhouse we went to today. I'm not sure about having to run up and down the steps when Kevin calls me at night though, but it still was really nice. I'm too tired to think about it tonight though.

I'm just going to bed 'cause it's been a long, long day.


Lorraine said...

Sorry to hear your day SUCKED,better one today? ? ?
Thank heavens Johnny was able to get Kevin. Hey have a nice day ! ! ;) Lorraine

Long-time RN said...

Good grief, what a fiasco! Hope repairs are done and you've got the van back. Those tires don't have that many miles on them to be blowing like that, right? There aren't potholes in the pavement in Texas like in northern states are there?

Hope you find a new place that fits all needs. Take care.

Jessica said...

Oh that's a shame! At least Kevin didn't have to sit in the car for too long. Honestly, I've never heard of a spare battery before! Jumper cables, yes, but not a battery.

Hope you were able to catch DWTS online today, at least and could find a ride to the repair shop.

I'll be thinking of you both and praying that a new living situation works out soon. Take care.