Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 888 - Nov 3, 2010

We got to see Parshall and her kids today! We had them come down to the house and go swimming and I wish I had taken a picture of Kevin's face when he was walking to the door to answer it. He was just so excited! He just misses her so much; matter of fact - he talks about her all the time.

So here are some pics of Kev and her family:

And I am so mad at myself tonight because the folks at East Coast Pizza gave Kevin a gift card and a free pizza and when we went over tonight to pick it all up I took a photo of the gang with Kevin and the settings on my camera were wonky and the photo didn't turn out (talk about a run-on sentence, geesh). Darnit! Here is my very sorry attempt at fixing the picture:

So disappointing...

And in other disappointing looks like we will be heading back to Texas on Friday. Veteran's Airlift Command is going to fly us back again this time and they also told us we could bring my parents if we wanted to. Dad called his oncologist today and was given the go-ahead so they are going to visit us for a week or so.

We just can't get a handle on Kevin's pain. I don't know if it's due to the humidity here or if it's just because of the detox or goodness knows what else, but we have to go back and figure it out. He is having some good moments, but he is really struggling with it and it's just so hard to watch. My heart just breaks for him.

So we will head back on Friday and see the doc on Monday (I think). I sure hope so anyway.


Anonymous said...

Heartwarming pictures...
So sorry to hear Kevin is in pain.
Prayers continuing...

GrannieEv said...

Has sinus pain been ruled out? Goodness knows whole areas and different areas hurt (even the one side of my neck in back) when my sinuses act up - which has been on going for months. Decongestants work wonders.

Desert Crone said...

So sorry to hear about Kevin's pain. He's looking good in spite of it.