Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 892 - Nov 7, 2010

I am so anxious to take Kevin to the doctor's tomorrow. His pain is so extreme at times and today alone he was medicated about 11 times - way too much if you ask me.

We didn't really do anything much today though, so I am going to sign off early. We are just enjoying having my parents here, but we are limited in what we can do because Dad can't get around very well.

Tomorrow night we are planning to go to a comedy show for wounded warriors. Dad's not sure he's going, but he says he doesn't mind staying home alone if need be. I just hope Kevin has a good time. You never know with these kinds of things...

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Desert Crone said...

Hi ya! Way cool on the audit!!!!!

I must have missed something along the way -- why is Kevin's right hand bandaged? It's looking like some progress is happening there. Botox? Is the pain that Kevin is suffering from coming from his head?

Mom was SO moved by the vids of you guys arriving in FL. She has your face firmly established in her memory banks now to help her when she's reaching the limits of frustration.

We both admire your strength immensely, and Kevin has clearly inherited it from you. Between the two of you I expect Kevin will reclaim a significant portion of life (look how far he's come already!) and I pray he'll eventually be able to get on top of the pain.

And, hey - when Hollywood comes calling hold out for top dollar ;)