Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 906 - Nov 21, 2010

We got quite a bit moved today. Pretty much everything that we won't need for the week is already at the new house and put away. It helps that we don't really have much here as it is a temporary home, but it really is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate over time too.

Kevin has just been a champ. He has been packing like a madman and even better - when we get to the new house he always unpacks the car while I take everything and put it in it's place. He has been able to lift heavy boxes out of the trunk with one arm that I can only do with two. Truly - what a help he's been!

And now I really need to get to bed. Kev has therapy early tomorrow and I need to be up in a few hours. He just fell asleep himself so it's gonna be fun getting him up, lol.


Anonymous said...

It really does sound like Kevin is a champ. It all goes to show what a great improvement he has made. It is amazing what you all have been through over the past two years or so. I wish you all the happiness that you all deserve.

Tracey from Pgh. said...

I say ditto what Anonymous said. God Bless You Leslie!

Leslie said...

Sounds wonderful!! Say, will you have a new address? - I have a shirt and cap for Kevin that I would like to send. So glad to hear that he is doing well and you found a better place to live!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
Cheers, (the other) Leslie