Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 410 - Jul 13, 2009

YAY!! Kevin did so well at both bouts of therapy today!! He went with no problems today and he had such a good time - both in the morning and the afternoon! It didn't hurt either that his physical therapist is from the Pittsburgh region, lol. I seriously think it is (in part) because of us being able to leave 15 minutes before it starts as opposed to an hour and fifteen minutes ahead of time. And once we get there we just park immediately right at the door - no driving around for a half hour looking for a spot. I am just so excited! He worked hard today and I feel like good things are going to come out of this!

I didn't mention to you guys that Kevin so desperately bought himself a pedal bike last week one day (we walked around every dept in Target for about 15 minutes trying to find it because I didn't understand what he was looking for). I think he remembered BMX so he bought himself one of those little 20 inch types of bike - something from his past. So anyway, I was so worried about him trying to ride it because realistically he's just not ready for that yet. So I had my mom and dad stay until he tried to get on it (just in case he fell) and he tried and tried, but he just couldn't figure out how to even get on it. It was very hard for me to watch him get so upset because of his limitations. After he couldn't get on it he just went to his room and shut the door. I just pushed it into the den that is empty and put it out of sight.

So now we are going to work on him riding a stationary bike at therapy and he will also use a treadmill soon. Hopefully he will get to the point where he can ride because I love to go bike riding. I really am so very excited - and so is he. He came right home and told Breezy that he LOVED therapy!


So now I want to just quickly mention that I hope everyone does get to come to the ceremony. It really is just the length of the show that I am worried about. I think Kev is going to get a kick out of being the center of attention - but only for so long.

And someone did ask for directions (I remember it being in my inbox, but I don't remember who - sorry) and if you are coming from Pitt/Butler/Kittanning you will come over the bridge into East Brady, come the whole way down Main St, start up the hill and make any right turn. Go to the end of whichever street you choose and you will pretty much be there, lol. There should be Riverfest signs that can be followed as well.

If you are coming from Rimersburg - come down the hill and take the second left. Go all the way to the end of the street and you will be there.

And just to put it out there - if you have a "KEVIN" shirt - feel free to wear it that day. I think I heard they are trying to get everyone to wear one.


Anne V. said...

Hi Leslie,
I've never posted before but have been following Kevin and your journey since reading about you on the Daily Kos website and have been praying for y'all ever since, visiting your site daily.

I'm an avid cyclist so reading of Kevin's purchase of his bike made me cry (which I've done often when reading of Kevin's ups and downs;) I think having him ride a stationary bike would be wonderful therapy and there are bike trainers for indoor use when the time comes...

This may be impractical at the moment, but if you'd ever like to go for a ride some friends of mine have a very informal bike club which rides every Sunday morning @Cypress Creek Wellfield in Land O'Lakes starting in the summer early (8 AM) and fall/winter around 9:30;
very easy-going; lots of pavement with diversions off-road--wildlife abounds; we've seen alligators, otters, wild turkeys, red-tailed hawks, tortoises, osprey and many deer (I had a momma dear and faun come up to me last winter in a palmetto forest as I had my pants down answering nature's call; hard to tell who was more surprised!) And we'll provide a suitable bike.

For me there is no better way to clear my head than to go for a ride...

This is an open invitation; anytime, dear. And thank you so much Kevin!

Much love, Anne ...........o^o

Kris said...

YAY!!! Sooooo glad that things are working out at the new place... what a relief! Saying extra prayers that it continues to go well, it really feels like Kevin is going to fly like an eagle there.

Ok, I admit it, I cried about the bike. I can't imagine how excruciating it must have been for you to watch that, how excruciating it must have been for Kev to have to put it down for another day. But that day will come - that day WILL COME yes sir-ree it will.

God bless you Kevin, Leslie & Breezy. There are thoughts, prayers, support and load after load of extra special Angel Hugs coming your way every single day.

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI

Lorraine said...

Hi Guys,
Have a safe trip to East Brady. We will be there hope to be able to say hi and if not will understand because of the people that will be there. Take care praying that it is a great day.

Lorraine, Rick and Howard the duck oh yea he will be there too.

Anonymous said...

I want a Kevin T-shirt! Are they selling them in Brady? I also heard there are Kevin bracelets???
I would wear it proudly!

Glad to hear that therapy is a success. Hopefully, this change will keep Kevin occupied and he will reach the milestone of getting on and riding the bike. He'll definitely get there- one baby step at a time. It has to be so frustrating for him.
My oldest son had a concussion and experienced 15 hours of amnesia - both retrograde (could not remember before the football hit) and antegrade (couldn't remember anything after). He was "stuck" in a loop for 15 hours. Being a medical person, I imagined only the worse and even looked at his scans and second guessed every doctor. When he finally started to recover, for weeks he had difficulty understanding- he knew what the words were but if you put two words together he had no comprehension of what the words meant. He was so discouraged because he knew that he didn't know and couldn't do anything to make it come back. To this day, he does not remember from 11pm the night before his hit until he woke up (he was awake the whole time, but he thinks he "woke up" every couple minutes)15 hours later. He did regain complete function and just graduated from nursing school but it was a very hard time for him. He was frustrated and struggled in school along with in relationships with people for at least a month. SO...I think Kevin will work hard and he will continue to surprise all of us.I think keeping his frustration level at a minimum is what you strive to do. He has a great mom to keep him on the right path and a group of friends praying for him daily.
Hoping I will make the ceremony!
Pictures are allowed - correct?

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

I am planning on being there on Sunday to see this great man receive his purple heart! I was wondering if you knew where to get the "Kevin" tshirts....I would proudly wear one!! Have a safe trip coming home!