Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 427 - Jul 30, 2009

I think I should have started last night's post with a comment about my tone of voice not being one of anger or snarkiness, but rather just defeat and sadness.

I also should have made it aware that it was in private emails that some (yes more than one) questioned my financial integrity and it was only to them that I based part of the post to. The comments were what I was answering when mentioning about why I can't get a job.

I do know that most everyone that reads this blog understands what I am really like and I do think that most have our best interests at heart. I also think that I have made a mistake maybe in not telling y'all how crappy this lifestyle really is. I just can't focus on how bad it is though - it's the only way to get through all the horrible parts; by pretending that all is well and good.

So anyway, just forget I said anything. I just don't have time to focus on people that I just can't relate to. And to those that feel I am just out blowing money left and right on a high end lifestyle - well...the little smiley with the tongue sticking out is virtually inserted here. I also seriously hope that those folks never go through anything like this as a severe reality check will be blowing up in their faces.

Now...moving on...

We had 'the good aide' today. Her name is Trisha and Kevin did really well with her again. (Patricia - she can only come on Tues and Thurs so yesterday's aide was a once in a lifetime person).

He also had OT and PT today and did great for both of them. For PT he actually rode the stationary bike for a full 5 minutes. This is in the hopes that he will eventually be ready to go for a bike ride with me. Here is a photo:

And this one if of Kevin using the pulleys. He still doesn't really feel that right arm (proven when they took donor skin from that arm for the last surgery and he didn't even know it until I pointed it out - days later. And supposedly donor sites are more painful that burn sites)

And now I am going to sign off. Tracy and her husband Jody came down from PA to help me do a few things. Stuff like unpack and get the van fixed, get the car fixed, build things, fix things - basically all of the things that I just don't have time to do. Tracy has even opened all of the mail (the stack is about 3 feet high) so that I can eliminate a step in trying to get it cleaned up. Man though - she is a task driver, lol! I don't know who is worse - her or Kevin, hehe.

Oh and remind me to mention the new brain doctor tomorrow. I am really excited about him!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you more back to normal tonight, last night was tough to even read, you sounded so down. I don't know what the people said in emails - and it's probably better that way. But I doubt you've had a "bed of roses" half hour, let alone life, in the year since Kevin was hurt. If a couple things go right for you, great! I sure wouldn't trade you places, pool and new home or not! You're doing what you have to, for your kid - and most parents would understand that. I can hardly believe how you've actually kept a sense of humor much of the time, with all you've been through.

Most people reading this blog are glad to hear about the little successes, but realize that there's a long way to go, and huge uncertainty about how far you'll ever get - and I'd guess the uncertainty has to be about the worst part of all of this.

Best of luck to you, and try not to get knocked down by people who are being jerks. If they don't approve, well then they should quit reading the blog.


Anonymous said...

Everyone cares about Kevin and no one wants to see him go into a home. Ever.

People admire Leslie and Breezy for all they have done and do. That is a sure thing.

The stress level many times has peaked and certainly there has been much cause.

By listening to many, it seems as though the people who take care of an elderly parent with Altzheimers, who have lost the mind their loved one once had. The person who cares round the clock for their child who has been in an accident or who has a handicap seems to be forgotten. These people are in for a lifetime commitment too.

These people possibly want heard and to share with you too. These people have said they have had no health insurance for years, have lost their jobs, have lost their cars and depend on the help of family, friends and churches.

You have had it so hard. You all have and you will continue for the rest of your lives, but so will many. They see no light or help at the end of their tunnel. How can we not understand their plight ?

It appears as though huge sums of money has been spent on things that these people who are also in need would never even dream of, let alone spend. You say someone sent you an e-mail about patio furniture. Why ? Why did they simply not post their thoughts in the blog ? Obviously the amount of money that continues to be spent has bothered a huge number of people. I've heard people say they did not even know some things that you have mentioned in your blog could cost so much money.

I have no idea what dollar figure was mentioned but I did hear it said it would buy a car. True or not, who knows and who cares. The fact is, people are mentioning it.

I speak of the furniture because you brought it up in your blog. Yes, people ask why you needed a 5 bedroom house and an inground pool when you are in the situation you are in. People are simply feeling that you have overspent and now fear is setting in. I am sorry this has happened to you all.

You have a large following and a number of communities share this blog. People read the blog because they care and want to try to help in any way they can. People pray in their prayer groups each week for you all.

One of your kindest blog posters even said "your son has expensive taste" when it came to restaurants and food. She meant no harm, but you see people are thinking it. I do remember this was posted after you kept telling us of all of the regular trips being made to very expensive restaurants.

The kind citizens who have sent gift cards and such, bless them. These foods have seen Kevin through when he did not want to eat.

It is just a shame that when we all care so much about Kevin and his daily trials that when these things pop up in the blog that are negative, maybe instead of jumping all over people, simply listen. Try and hear the other side and possibly understand that maybe some of these people need to share too.

I hear kindness when I read the blog posts. I hear helpful people and yes, even apologizing for hopefully not being taken the wrong way.

The people who are so worn out are caring for their heroes too. Please just try and see things in a bit of a lighter fashion and realize we all care very much about Kevin and his family.

People are not jerks and no one is trying to knock you down. Only trying to help. Sometimes seeing it through others eyes, does help. I hope this has helped you to understand and yes has "helped you".

I think many have voiced it but not to you. Well why not ? Maybe in finally voicing it will help, more than anyone realizes.

If everyone just sat back and thought it all through, then everyone would realize why some feathers must have been ruffled.

Patricia said...

Hi Leslie ~

Again, I so admire your courage to be honest and reveal what daily life is like caring for a "man - child" who, because of his dedication to the country and all who live in it, suffers innumerably each moment, along with you and Brianna.

I fear, that sometimes, you will become so discouraged by the words of others, that you will cease this blog. But, please don't. It is the lifeline so many of us have, to how you are, and it is our way of being specific in our prayers for you, Kevin and Brianna.

There will always be naysayers in our midst. When tragedy and trauma strikes, without warning, as long as one stays in the pain, and not allow anyone in, then no one really knows how deep the wounds. One tries and breathe through it, and one day begins the healing process of it all, and in that very brief light of "surprised by joy", one buys a dress, or goes to dinner, or has a picnic. And those who have been waiting in the shadows, leap out and say, "Well, it must be ok now! See! They are on a picnic! They just ate out!" They do not know that, all you were trying to do is "breathe". All you were trying to do is grab hold of some semblance of life.

Now, to switch gears...a little reading pleasure written for you, to give you a moment to breathe...

It is a second day of rain. And near summer's end, these rains are the most pungent. It seems the earth is saturated and as the falling mist hits the late summer pansies and marigolds bend their heads, heavy with the moisture. This complete sweep of rain, will do the earth well, when once again, the sun, stirs behind the clouds. And it will all dry off. But from that daunting rain, will bloom the most glorious colors of the dawn and day. The lush of the grasses will be the bed on which brilliant poppies and sunflowers will rise. Tall oaks and maples will splash the bluest of skies with olive and mint greens. And oh the air! To breathe in the clean air. The air restoring the earth. But that is all a tomorrow. For today, it is time for a cup of tea, and the chance to trance a raindrop down the window pane.

Remember always, you are so greatly loved and cherished. love, prayers and hugs. Always.

Anonymous said...

A lesson I have learned and continue to learn..if you haven't walked in those shoes, you can't have any idea what another person is going through. My Mom used to always tell me that I should sweep my own porch before trying to tell someone else how to sweep theirs. Leslie, I am so very confident that you have used whatever monies have been given to you and whatever money you have, wisely and in the best interests of Kevin. I'm so sorry you have to justify what you do to anyone of us out here. What nonsense! Only you know what you all need and what you go through every day. Hold your head up high, you are a remarkable woman. As always we continue to pray for all of you.
Melissa Ion

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand the second post by that someone elses comments from their blog?

I didn't post the day before because, quite frankly, I was a little upset. The 5 bedroom house, with pool and patio furniture should not be in question.

If a pool is good therapy for my sick child...then I get it, no questions asked.

If I need a larger house in case I need people to stay over and help me care for my adult child....then I get it, no questions asked.

If the patio furniture I need is expensive because I want my injured child to be able to sit outside a bit and with his burns on most of his body, can't do it without it....I get it, no questions asked.

I am alittle frustrated because NO ONE is in your shoes and NO ONE can say what can and can't be done. Ever since I have been keeping up with your blog, I can tell you are an intelligent women, so I really don't understand why people are questioning what you spend Kevin's money on. Right now, you have no income, so I would be alittle down too! The post the other day specifically said, I am not asking for money, just help by contacting our congressman.... so why are people feeling guilty about not helping, then tearing you down because they can't and want you to feel bad too? If people want to send donations, then they can send..if they can't then don't and leave it at that people! Don't send emails or comments about all Leslie is doing wrong financially! Do people really think that others need to hear how thier story is worse then someone elses! Grow up, please!

Kevin bought the house, pool, and patio furniture...not you!! So if people think you need to spend HIS money more wisely...what exactly would it be spent on? can't spend it on your needs, so what then? Save it...for what? Then Kevin doesn't have access to water therapy whenever he needs it...or Kevin can save his money and stay inside instead of enjoying the sunshine for a small portion of the day....jeez people! Being inside all day long...gets old and depressing and I don't have the injuries Kevin does!!! I want to hear from others that have disabled children, or a family memeber with a life threating illness, or someone who has family in the hospital unable to care for themselves...not those that have been layed off or can't find a job...IT'S NOT THE SAME!

Seriously, All the posts that people have your best interets at heart, then they tell you to go out and get a job or not spend so much money on stuff or they tell you how THEY don't have jobs and can't afford groceries... I just want to tell them to quit being selfish!!!! I am sure they could go get a job at a fast food joint or grocery store, most people don't because they think it's beneath them! Whatever!!

Ok, I will get off my soap box now. I am glad to hear that you have friends there to help you...gather strength from them.

Brenda said...


I'm only going to say a few things and then you can dump this post..LOL

First, for those who are giving you a hard time just tell them to go screw themselves.

Second, Just tell them that you pray to God that they never have to go through what Kevin, you and Breezy are having to but if God forbid they ever do that people will be more understanding toward them then they are toward you now..

Now on to happier thoughts..Kevin looks so happy and I know for you that's half the battle..You hang in there and remember were all here if you need us.


Anonymous said...

So I’ve been reading the comments here for the last few days, and figure it’s time to put in my two cents. I think some people are too busy firing pot shots at others to actually take a good look at what the real issues are here.

No one reading this blog would ever want to trade places with this family, no matter what material possessions they may acquire because of Kevin’s sacrifice for this country. No amount of “things” will ever make this family whole again.

It’s nobody’s business what Leslie or Kevin spend on their home as long as they can afford it and are not asking anyone else to make the payments. If I myself want to go out and buy the most expensive car on the lot, it’s only MY business as long as I can afford to pay for it.

If I understand Leslie’s blog entry of July 28 correctly, it’s the “affording” that may come into question within the next year when Kevin, according to Leslie’s post, may not have enough money to make the mortage payments on his house. Apparently, this wouldn’t have been a problem if the Army would have discharged him (maybe the retirement pay is higher than “active” pay?), but for some unknown reason, this isn’t happening as quickly as expected. If the government passes the caregivers bill, this will at least give Leslie some money of her own to live on, but probably won’t resolve the mortgage issue. And we all know how slowly the wheels of government move. Relief may not be in sight for some time.

It appears to me that most of, if not all, the people who comment on this blog truly care about the welfare of this family. I think the people who posted things about part-time jobs were only trying to suggest a solution, and not implying “Get off your ass and get a job like the rest of us” as some of you seem to interpret it as. I can’t imagine anyone being that cruel. I don’t think that the arguing and mud-slinging about this issue is of any benefit to Leslie and Kevin, and probably only compounds their stress.

Yes, this family needs your well-wishes and prayers to sustain them. I hope and pray that the government will give all the wounded veterans and their caregivers what they need to survive. But until that happens, it appears there may be financial problems in the months ahead for this family, and they will need help overcoming it. In this economy, all some of us can afford to offer are good wishes and suggestions for earning income or cutting down on expenses.

But, there may be some (especially those of you that are offended by the good-intended suggestions of others) who can afford to help this family out financially. If so, you’re very lucky, and SHOULD share your good fortune with Leslie and Kevin. Instead of expending your energy on berating others, try channeling your efforts into something that WILL make a difference. Leslie appears to be a proud person, and doesn’t easily ask for help, but clearly, that’s what she needs now. I would hope that you would put your money where your mouth is and open your wallets WIDE.

Anonymous said...

Hey Leslie,

We are going to help! Our son was wounded, yes, but he is back to full health (mostly) and we are thankful for that, but can feel at least some of your pain in the "where is the light, at the end of this tunnel?".

We've tried to find the senate bill, but the one you stated does not seem to be the one that fits your situation. Anyway, my husband is an attack dog, and will be speaking to the senate offices on your behalf. He doesn't mind doing this, and spoke to them frequently while our son was deployed.

We are also going to try to send a regular $$ amount to the Paypal....each month to help you out.
If each reader could do the same, maybe we could ease your budget until the government can do what they should to help you out.

Hang in there.....
We really do have your best at heart.

Anonymous said...

If you wouldn't eat out so often or keep buying new laptops and Wii systems you would have some money

Anonymous said...

I think that Anonymous, who posted the second comment, is trying to point out in a nice way, that when you blog about spending money on things that many, under similar circumstances, could only dream of and then turn around and blog that you cannot afford it, you might expect that others will question your decisions. Yes, you need praised for all you and your family are going through and, obviously from all the regular posters, many are here for you, but, truly, you need to take a look at certain decisions that many question but are hesitant to voice for fear of hurting you. Maybe not including all the items that you are shopping for in the blog would eliminate the questions. It seems to me that the old lesson taught to us as children -- don’t count your chickens until the eggs have hatched -- applies here. I know this comment will be blasted, but, sometimes, although the truth hurts, it is what we need.

Anonymous said...

I might get blasted for saying this, but I sooooooo hurt for this family and only want the very best outcome possible from this horrible situation, but sometimes we need to wait to buy something until we have the money in our hands. I'm trying to teach my children to save the money then buy the object. I know it's hard to save up hundreds of thousands of dollars before buying a home, but maybe in hindsight this would have alleviated the stress Leslie and her family are feeling. It's no fun owing money and it's hard to wait until we have the money to buy something when we want or need really badly.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last two statements that were made. Everybody for the most part knows that Leslie has given up everything to take care of Kevin. She is an EXCELLENT mother and has done a wonderful job with taking ccare of Kevin. If it hadn't of been for her and Breezy, I dfo not think that Kevin would of come as far as he has. But I do want to mention that Leslie does mention every so often about buying stuff like the Wii and the games and whatnot. Now before anybody goes bolistic, I understand that she is trying to compensate somehow for what Kevin has gone through. BUT, all of that little stuff adds up. He may have a child-like mentality now, but there are times when chikdren have to bew told "no - we can't get that right now". In the long run, that money could be used in the future to pay the mortgage and utilities down the road until Kevin is discharged. There is alot of expenses with the pool such as water, chemicals, electric bills for the heater and cleaning. The house and the pool and the patio furniture are items that can help Kevin now and I do not begrudge them for those things. It is the shopping sprees and Leslie saying that these things were brought. Maybe if Leslie would tone down noting the "extra things that aren't really neaded right now", people wouldn't be resenting the way the money is being spent.

Well, that is all I have to say. Leslie, Breezy and Kevin have been and always will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

When people contribute and many times watch their own kids do without, aren't they entitled to voice their opinion ?

We all love our friends but to hop a jet from your home down South to East Brady for less than 24 hours to surprise a friend for her birthday was not thinking clearly. A nice thing to do but is that what donations are for or if not donation money, with this house problem and no money for the high mortgage, saving a little might have helped.

All of the financial advisers are telling us all to put enough money aside to live for 6 months in the event of disaster. Some are saying 8 months with the economy as bad as it is.

As it appears many feel the same way, we are all just trying to be kind yet let our feelings be known. We wouldn't be contributing or trying to help in this blog if we didn't care.

You make us smile with your victories with Kevin and you make us cry all in the same breath. You take us right there with you. We care very much.

The TV news and newspapers have this blog everywhere. Many see it and follow Kevin's progress.

Keep going strong Kevin. You all deserve nothing but praise in Kevin's rehabilitation.

Much thoughts and prayers continue for Kevin's progress and hope this mess gets straightened out and you are feeling better soon.

Jon and Kate ( plus 8 ) put themselves out there and now they're attacked by the paparazzi. It seems your wonderful blog to share Kevin's progress has somewhat turned you into a celebrity too. I hope this passes because it has put a bump in the road for everyone involved. It's a shame but lets hope time heals all wounds.

No one has meant to hurt you. On the contrary.

We've all been yelled at when you've cried out for help, been so angry and upset and others have voiced their opinion in a positive way to attempt to suggest and help you and you've not wanted to hear what they said. In fact at times many bloggers have rushed to try and help you to be cut down the next day. Scolded of sorts. We understand that you're under a mountain of stress, but some old faithful bloggers no longer comment, as thinking we are doing the right thing and it turns out to upset you or hurt you.

Everyone has learned to try and go easy with suggestions. Possibly this is another one of those times when you speak loudly and we react. Let's hope so.

Stress is not a pretty thing and right now you've got the weight of the world on your shoulders. You need all of the prayers we can send your way.

In a way we are all counseling each other by sharing. Sometimes that is how issues get resolved.

Anonymous said...

Okay people enough already!

I'm sure Leslie has done what she thinks is in the best interest of Kevin with all she has done since he was so horribly injured.

I myself don't know how I would handle what she has gone through and will continue to go through if something (heaven forbid) happens to my son who is currently with the 173rd as they get ready for another deployment downrange.

Leslie has shown great fortitude dealing with all she has to deal with and sharing her thoughts with the rest of us.

Yes we can post our feelings but please people keep in mind Leslie is doing what she needs to do and she doesn't need those of us who read her blog to "beat" her up!

We all need to keep prayers going up for Kevin, Leslie and Breezy, rejoice in the great achievements Kevin has made and will continue to make.

Prayers for Kevin, Leslie and Breezy and their entire family

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to freedom of speech? Isn't that one of the freedoms that Kevin and all of the other soldiers fighting for? I don't think that anybody is ganging up on Leslie. We are trying to give advice as to her stress level.

Anonymous said...

I personally have donated monetarily toward Leslie and Kevin's fund to help with their expenses and I agree with several of the past comments that people have been hesitant to voice their opinions about saving money first and buying later. I would not want to be in Leslie or Kevin's shoes for a split second. But I truly don't think I would've listed all of the expensive things I was buying while accepting donations from the public. These people who have donated (including my family) have done so more than willingly to try to help one of our brave soldiers to whom we owe our freedoms in this country...which includes the freedom of speech and to disagree and/or agree with other people's opinions. We all have a hard time paying our bills but many, many of us reading this blog have sent what money we could and are somewhat disheartened when we see how some of the money is being spent. I'm not talking about a home or necessities at all. Kevin deserves a home - a nice home. I'm talking about extras that many of us who have donated cannot even afford to treat our families to. I pray daily for Kevin and hope that things begin looking up. How fortunate Leslie and Breezy are to have their precious son/brother with them today.

Anonymous said...

I heard from my son the govt gives a perdiem to care givers? you may want to check into that it may be enough to pay for personal needs,food and gas I did see in your blog a long time ago they were helping you did they stop? I would also check into the TSGLI of $100,000 they should have paid him and has any of the many non-profits assisted you? I know they have not heard about this. I will look on line and contact some of them and see if they will help you and blog which ones and what they said about assistance, they should be willing to help. This is terrible You should not have to get a part time or anytime job we are grateful you support our American Hero. Has Kevin enjoyed the pool? I would think if the govt will allow a pool in a 100% money audit they should assist or allow money to be spent getting the van fixed it is as important as a pool. I would get his unit and sgt to work on this stuff he is in the Army!

MOE said...

Ya know, after reading some of the comments here the past two days, I have to say that some of them really ticked me off! How dare anyone judge Leslie! I am soooooo mad right now that I really don't even know where to begin with you people! You don't like some of the things that Leslie does.... then stop reading! Noone is forcing you to keep reading. Your reading to be nosy and then to sit back and judge. Not ONE person that reads this blog has the right to say anything negative!

And to the anonymous person who wrote:
"If you wouldn't eat out so often or keep buying new laptops and Wii systems you would have some money"

Your a spineless little twit! Just like so many other "ANONYMOUS" posters that are to big of a coward to even sign your name! If you have the nerve to place judgement on someone that you have no idea the things they are going through, then you should have the guts to stand by your words and sign a name.
And most of the time that leslie writes about eating out.. it's because they are living in one room when they go to Texas and don't have a kitchen... tell me how are they not supposed to eat out?? And as for the WII, Kevin always loved video games and it was the only system that he could play one handed. Doesn't he deserve it? And as for the laptop...gee how else is she to put her life out there for you nosy people to judge her?

When Leslie started this blog is was very therapeutic for her to write her feelings and share with everyone, what she was going through. There are some nights she is so exhausted, but still finds the time and energy to sit down and continue to let everyone know how their days are going. because she doesn't want to let everyone down since they get worried if she wouldn't post. For the most part there are very many readers that are still very supportive and say wonderful caring things, but now comes the ignorant people that have to throw their two cents in on a matter that they know nothing about. If those same ignorant people had to walk a mile in her shoes, they wouldn't even get 20 steps!(that's being generous)It's those same ignorant people that may end up making the blog just to stressful to keep up with. I know if that was me being judged for everything I did, I'd just stop writing it and eliminate one more stressful situation. But it's not me... and I'm sure Leslie would not do that since there are more readers that truely care, then there are nosy ignorant readers. She'll continue to write and take the good with the bad... that's just the way she is.

Sorry Leslie.....just couldn't sit back and keep my mouth
Actually I am being good, since there was so much more I'd like to say...but what's the point? Ignorant people will be too stupid to get it anyways..... Love You Guys!

I sign my name proudly to the things I have to say!!!! (Twice)

Anonymous said...

Not nice to say when many of these "ignorant" people are helping support this family moneywise monthly or as often as they can.

Cheri said...

BRAVO MOE!!!! Couldn't have said it any better myself!!!

Lisa D in Ca. said...

Leslie, rather than addressing this post to you, I am going to address it to your readers (I hope that is ok)

Dear "Helpful" Blog Reader-

While Kevin may have fought for your freedom to express your opinions. The fact that you would choose to do so in this forum is simply unacceptable.

This isn't a blog put here to entertain us. Leslie does not owe us anything as blog readers. This is the story of a real family...of an American family...and an heroic family (who by the way has sacrificed more than enough for all of us)

We are lucky to be invited into their lives.

The very least we can do as people that "care about Kevin" is to support the person that loves him most in this world.

I will say again, you may technically have the right to question and judge Leslie, but the fact that you would choose to do so is what upsets people. The fact that you would defend your choice to do so is offensive.

I have never met Leslie, and likely never will...I do not know her from anything but what I have read here over the last year. But I am completely offended on every level by several of the comments I have seen here. I am actually appalled that anyone could claim to support this family and then turn around and upset them.

Any of you that have added one millisecond of grief or stress to this family should be ashamed of yourself. seriously.

If you have donated to this family, with strings attached, then you should not have donated. Donating does not give you the right to contribute to financial decisions. If you need to have something to say about your charitable contributions, then give to an organization with a board of directors that you can complain to.

If reading this blog upsets you, click away.

If you have something supportive to say then say it. If you do not then please move on.

Thank you
Lisa in California

Anonymous said...

I have not anything to say to all you people. I work daily with our veterans and I know that Leslie is not having the time of her life. I have a son Kevin's age (who just became a nurse) and I could not imagine being in Leslie's shoes. The real thing is this could all end tomorrow (sorry Leslie, don't want to scare you). We do not know how long Kevin will be here - he could probably suffer a whole list of "complications" and that would be it. Also, can you imagine sitting beside your son - burnt beyond recognition, not knowing from one day to the next what to expect, and even after 427 days, not having any guarantees. Kevin has been blessed by God but one of the blessings he bestowed was his mom and his sister. These people run constantly - to theraphy, to the VA for appointments, to meetings, etc - who has time to cook. Eating out makes Kevin happy. A Wii is used by several VA therapy departments across the nation - made headlines in the VA magazine. A nice house, a pool, a means of transportation, not any less than what I would want for my severely injured serviceman. Probably 90% of houses in FL have pools - not like PA where an inground pool is a big thing.

What you all miss is that EVERY service man and woman who has sacrificed so much for YOU deserves the BEST. If Kevin would not have been injured, his earning potential would have been good; his mother would have continued to work hard and Breezy would have gotten a job and continued with a 20 something life, all productive members of society. They would not have been three people who would have depended on the system - they would have contributed to the system. Now, all that earning power has been stripped from them. Leslie also states she cannot get to her stack of mail - that's how busy she is.

All teh service men and women in this situation need to be compensated well. What if during Kevin'ss next surgery something happens to him as severe as death - I pray that does not happen but that is what Leslie DEALS with every day. She doesn't want to complain because she knows there are many who have far less, many sons that came home in body bags and not on life support.
Please where is your compassion for this family! I would not give anything to be in their shoes , although I am sure there are many families who don't have their loved one who would give everything to be in their shoes. Come on - show respect. For one second, put yourself in their shoes. If you have a hard time doing that start at the begiinning of this blog and read. Read how Leslie hit the floor the first time she saw her she sweated her butt off because she had winter clothes . . . .how she worried about every little thing . . no sleep . . no hope many days.

Before you make comments, THINK. Think about the WHOLE story of this young man. Think about others like him. If you are currently working and have children, think if you had to quit your job, live in a Fisher house for many months, leave your friends / family, and struggle to have the best care for your son in a system that at many times is just so messed up.

I have contributed to Leslie. I have read the blog since day one. I tell everyone who will listen to me about Kevin. I pray daily for them. If they succeed at life, it proves our country has succeeded at taking care of our veterans. It's a win-win situation.

Always remember that life is a circle - maybe big, maybe small - what goes around, comes around. What you give, you get.

Take care Leslie.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with suggesting that someone think, think before they spend. What is wrong with suggesting that instant gratification is not the answer? Obviously, it is causing many of sleepless nights. Why not help someone realize the problem and stop the cycle. No one is suggesting that Kevin shouldn't have these things, but they don't have to all be purchased yesterday.

Anonymous said...

hey moe, you need to relax and get a grip. Are you on the rag or haven't you gotten any for awhile. Take it easy.

Miss Em said...


Your best bud, Moe, can really chew ass and kick butt.

The Lady known as Brenda will happily show everyone which finger they can use to suck air on.

Lisa in Calif. is a great brow beater. Must care a "Cave-man" size club.

But Hallie is one who will rip out the heart. She is one who puts the truth of the matter back into everything while jerking out the tear ducts.

So, now. I will give my two cents worth.
My dear if:
1. You need to eat out, then do so especially if it gets Kevin to eat when he is being stubborn.
2. Kevin needs a new game for his Wii then get it. That game may get him past a hurdle that has been a difficult problem.
3. Heavy-duty furniture to take the punishment of Kevin getting up and down then that's no issue. Need furniture that will not collaspe under this not-normal use.

O-kay pepole have you noticed a trend here. out...plane flights... and on and on and on.
There is only one word that explains any and all of it.......
..... -- K.E.V.I.N. -- ..........

Oh and just one more question......

WHO THE HELL has been there doing the job of Chief Advocate between doctors, nurses, speech theropists, physicial theropists, care-givers, chaufers, laundress, dietitian, boss of tough love, and the best cheer leader for the one person we have all come to love and care about.....
.... -- L.E.S.L.I.E. -- ....

You want to bitch, moan, groan and belly-ache about how the amout of money that has gone to donations has and is being spent...then pack a bag and head for Florida and spend YOUR vacation there doing all the things that Leslie has been doing and then tell me that you don't deserve a night of not cooking.


Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Not only do I sign my name but i give my town's name.
Anonymous means NO BALLS.

Jessica said...

I think it's good that you let people know what it's really like to care for TBI patient. It's certainly given me a better understanding of what you go through everyday, although I knew it wasn't easy. And I totally agree with Moe and Hallie. Our injured vets deserve the best care possible.

Kevin's looking good! That's awesome he can do the bike now.

Take care! As always, you're in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I do understand how you feel because I loss a son to this war. I would never complain about the care I needed to give him I just wish he was here for me to care for. Our fight is over my son is gone and my heart breaks every day no one can know what it is to loose a child until you have lost one. I do remember the days in your shoes Leslie and am I am very thankful that the Lord put some very caring people in my life at WRMC and BAMC that did all they could to support my family. Like you I did not want to touch any of my sons money because that was for him.
When we were there we did get a allowance for meals and incidentals, the community was very supportative and the non profits steped up to the plate and provided us with as much assistance as they could. Things may have changed due to the economy but some of the benefits I kmow you must have recieved are TSGLI $100,000, My son continued his pay check, the non profits paid many of our bills while we were at bedside, our flights were free for the most part.
We downsized our home and used the money saved to pay off our car. We were able to manage just fine with just a little help now and them.

Take it from some one that has been there and done this you can make it but beware "never develop a dependancy on non profit, friends and family support" they can only give what they have.

Look out for yourself and your son. May God Bless You and Keep you and God Bless America!

Anonymous said...

If the money runs out to pay the mortgage and utilities, etc, ask the creditors if the wii, games, videos, etc as payment. Hopefully there will always be money to pay the bills.