Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 421 - Jul 24, 2009

Wow. This vacation stuff is exhausting, lol. We had all kinds of company again today and tomorrow's schedule is completely packed. How sad is it that I have to schedule our friends in time slots just to fit everyone in?

But, we really are enjoying seeing everyone. A bunch of Kevin's friends came in today and he had a lot of fun with them.

And I think I am just going to show a bunch of photos from the last few days as there really isn't much to say.

This is Kevin trying to embarrass his friend Kyle:

Here is one with him and his friends today:

This one is Evan and his family (Julie often posts on here):

Here is Kevin with Tracy's husband, Jody:

And this is Kevin with Ashten at the Riverfest:

There are so many more, but I am going to give it up for tonight. We really do have a hectic schedule for tomorrow...


LISA said...


As good as you are at scrapbooking, a WONDERFUL Christmas gift for Kevin would be to make a "photo" scrapbook of his trips back home to East Brady.

To see the look on his face in ALL of the photos with friends from his old hometown sure tells a story. He just has a look about him of contentment and a real genuine smile that you don't see in a lot of the other photos.

The picture of him at the podium at his Purple Heart ceremony, I'd have say "THANKS" under that photo. What a great word to see in print and learn to recognize.

When you are back home in Florida, it may be comforting to Kevin to be able to see as many of those faces of family and friends back here in East Brady. When he's having a bad or sad day, it may bring him some peace.

God Bless and always praying for continued healing.

Jessica said...

Great photos! It is a shame that you and Kevin have to be separated from your community. I can see how much good it does him to be with his friends, just from these pictures. Hopefully, you'll be making new friends in Florida in your new neighborhood! Anyway, I'm so glad you're having fun and that Kevin seems to be doing well and enjoying himself.

Take care. You're in my thoughts and prayers.