Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 409 - Jul 12, 2009

The party went great! Kevin enjoyed himself, but I do admit that he spent quite a bit of time in his bedroom because there were so many people here and it was a bit noisy for him. But he did come out intermittently and he really did have fun when he did. As you can see, he did eat well:

It was a very nice party and it was so great to see everyone. It's so weird to basically 'live' with a group of people and then bam! You hardly ever see them again.

I am hoping now though that we can all get together more often. There are a couple of scrapbookers in the midst so we may get together and scrap. That will sure be fun.

Moving on - before I forget - I want to touch on a subject that will probably offend some people and it really isn't my intention. This is in regards to Kevin's Purple Heart Ceremony and the fact that it has become a HUGE event - too huge for Kevin's stimulation situation.

A couple of weeks ago I saw that there were more and more organizations that wanted to be part of the ceremony and when I talked to Tracy - I will be blunt - I told her "NO MORE". It is nothing against any organization or person - it's truly all about Kevin. I am so incredibly nervous about the length of time that the ceremony is because Kev really can't handle it all (today proved it). The last thing I want is for Kevin to miss his own ceremony and I think at this point it is a very real possibility.

So I just want to say that if Tracy is having to tell you that you or your organization really can't be part of it - it's because I asked her to and I am very sorry, but it's so necessary if Kevin is at all going to have a chance at making it through his own ceremony.

I sure hope we get to meet the people that comment here on the blog and my message is in no way geared toward people witnessing the event, it's just about keeping the actual ceremony as short as possible.

I truly hope everyone understands.

And to touch on a few of the comments from the last few days - first to Barbara B - I didn't realize that you meant his appearance but believe me - I do see the changes there. I must say to him fifty times a day "I am just amazed at how great your chin/neck etc look". I really am amazed too. I never (in a million years) thought that he would look this good! And don't worry Barbara - I wasn't mad or upset.

I also totally relate to the 'diva' comment. Kevin demands so much on a daily basis and it all must be done NOW. He doesn't understand patience and I am now working on him getting up and doing things for himself. He just doesn't get it though, but I'm still trying.

And so far he says he will go to therapy tomorrow so we shall see. I have often used the 'ordered to go by your commanding officer' line, but let's be real here - there is no real military presence here and it's even worse since we are home. It just doesn't wash.

There is more that I want to say about this, but it will have to wait until a different night as I am just too wiped out to delve into it.

And now I am going to leave you with two more photos. Notice the concrete has been poured around the pool? They assure me it will be COMPLETELY done by the time we get home from PA.


Mary Neal said...

I must have missed it, but what time is the Purple Heart Ceremony? I might be able to come up. Also, YOU are Kevin's Commanding Officer...and have been since the day he was born! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the party was great!!! Kevins's chin and neck have really healed so much in a short time. You can really see in the last picture. That's amazing isn't it! Has Kevin commented on it yet?
Hope therapy goes well today!
Kathy in IA

Jodi said...

WOW! Kevin looks fantastic!! Thank you so much for posting all the pictures these last few days. That surgery did great for him. He looks SO good!!!!!

Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Jan said...

I'm with Kathy....for the first time I'm seeing the Kevin of "before". who of course is someone I only know from photos.

Depending on work schedules (if my kids need both cars) I plan to be at the ceremony. If we get to talk I'll be introducing myself as the woman with the daughter at USF. Hope to see you then!

Brenda said...

Hi hon,

I had an idea not sure what you'd think about it but I know so many people would love to see Kevin get his Purple Heart but I also understand where you're coming from.

May I make this suggestion for those who want but can't see it? Perhaps you know someone who has a video camera that could tape it and put it up on U Tube so those of us that want to could see it and feel like we were there and a part of it.

Like I said just an idea..


Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Don't have much to say than other Kevin looks awesome!! (and a suggestion, if you haven't already heard it yet).

Travis has swimmer's ear regularly. He kept getting it over and over again. He wasn't able to swim in his meets unless I found the correct ear plugs for him.

I have noticed that since I found the correct-fitting plugs, he can hear me, but not much background noise at all.

Don't know if it's an option for Kevin, but, maybe, it could drown out some of the "stimulation factor" to him.

On another total agreement with you on the ceremony...Kevin is the one we are honoring...if it needs to be on the shorter side for Kevin to take it all in, then do it. No reason to make a big production that he is unable to sit through. It is all about him!!!

I hope Kevin is looking forward to his ceremony!!! He deserves his time to shine!!!


Kristen M.

Stefanie said...

Awesome pictures Leslie! Kevin, keep up the hard work you are doing awesome!

Stefanie Miller-Atkinson

Anonymous said...

I so much want to attend the ceremony. I have followed from day one and have commented thoughts and kept you all in prayer many days. I am on call at the VA in Pittsburgh and live in FC; I have to be within an hour drive and think Brady is pushing that for me. So depending on the day, I may get there, I may not get there.

Kevin looks great! I hope he can tolerate the ceremony and I hope he understands the whole meaning of it. He will finally be handed his medal; one that not many receive.
Thinking of you all from FC, PA

Jessica said...

I'm glad your party went so well and that Kevin enjoyed himself! It's great that he can handle a social situation like that, even if he had to spend some time by himself. Hopefully Kevin can go to at least part of his Purple Heart ceremony.

I'll keep praying that God will continue to give you the strength to deal with the therapy situation. Take care. You'll both be in my thoughts and prayers.