Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 420 - Jul 23, 2009

This is going to be a quick post tonight. I am just so exhausted and really want to try to get to bed as soon as I can.

We had all kinds of company again today and then we took a drive to East Brady to visit some more people and then we went to dinner at the Allstars and Kevin just ran into a bunch of his friends outside of Uni-mart. We just got home a little bit ago and I am just so ready to drop into bed.

So I think I am just going to end now and hit the hay. I will seriously need toothpicks to keep my eyes open any longer.


Linda said...

Leslie Kevin and Breezy
I am so glad to hear you are spending time doing things with friends and family since you live so far away now! How long do you have in Pennsylvania? I know how time flies when you are just visiting, so enjoy every minute you can!! I wanted to let you know I mailed to your Florida Address the derrick and leader-vindicator with the stories written of Kevins Ceremony. I think they done a good job...especially the vindicator!! Enjoy the time you have left, and hopefully you guys can come back again sometime soon for another visit!

Patricia said...

Dear Leslie, Kevin and Brianna ~ I just returned from LA and Colorado, where I have been for the past three weeks. I wanted so much to be there to honor Kevin and see the both of you at the ceremony, but had to be in LA. (Thank you so much for the phone call, Brianna. It meant so much.)

But I have caught up on all the posts and feel as though I was able to "witness" at least a part of it.

May blessings prevail. Take care. And maybe next time, I can be where you are!

Love, hugs and prayers...always.

Cathy said...

This post is written with Leslie's permission for all of you who care about this wounded warrior family and all of the other wounded warrior families in this country.

During my dinner tonight with Leslie, I learned alot about the plight of these families.
On July 16th Leslie asked that we all contact our representatives about the pending wounded warrior bills. This is why........

Leslie has a bit of money left of her own and after that money is gone she will have absolutely no way to support herself. We aren't talking about extras, but about basics like food, personal items, medical needs and clothing. The court system does not allow Kevin to spend 1 cent of his money to support his mother or to pay for the care she provides. If she were to get a job, Kevin's care would be provided at best by hired care givers and possibly be forced into a care home. He would not get the care that he needs and this wonderful young man with the fantastic sense of humor would not only not continue to improve but would most likely loose the progress that he has made. If we can get legislation passed that would give even a small stipend and medical care to these family caregivers they would be free to continue the care they provide for their loved ones and to sleep at night knowing that they are not completely dependant on the generosity of others.

When these caregivers are forced to institutionlize their sons, daughters and husbands, we the tax payer pay many thousands of dollars each month per warrior to provide a much poorer level of care. Please email your Congressman and Senators today if you haven't already done so.

There is one other thing I think you should know and Leslie does not know that I am posting this. Leslie's previous income was mentioned in one of the recent newspaper articles. What it didn't mention was that she worked between 50 and 60 hours per week to make that money. I am telling you all this because I want you to understand that this is one proud, courageous, hard working woman, who hates having to accept charity more than anyone can even imagine. As a friend of Leslie's and a concerned citizen I am asking that each and everyone of us donate to a wounded warrior family or program of your choice and to contact your Congress people and Senators today.