Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 402 - Jul 5, 2009

Kevin has sorta been feeling better today. He didn't throw up anymore, but he has been in a lot of pain in his head today - even taking pain meds all day long. He still doesn't have a build-up of fluid so we will just wait and see what's going on here.

I have noticed his head has been hurting more lately. It's either that or he is becoming 'accustomed' to his Fentanyl patch and will need to try something different for a while.

I have also noticed that he has been forgetting things sometimes for the last few weeks. It's not all the time, but once in a while he will take his meds and then 10 minutes later ask for them again. He never used to do that so I'm really not sure if there is something to be looking at or not. At first, I kept thinking I was just imagining it, but he really is forgetting more and more. I sure hope it's nothing...

And today, my mom and I went shopping for patio furniture. The pool isn't complete yet, but I want to have the 3 large umbrellas ready for when it is (strategically placed to span over the pool so that Kevin is not in the sun while swimming). We need to get a dining set and a seating area as well and you would've all just died to get the price quote. It was over $13,000!!! I would lay odds that everyone in the store heard me gulp and you can bet your bottom dollar that we nearly RAN out of there!

I have a feeling that I am going to have to order the umbrellas from there though. They were almost $1000 a piece, but I waited too long and am not sure I can find 3 of the same style in any low-end stores at this point. I could so kick myself because I almost bought them 2 months ago, but I talked myself out of it. Grrr!

So anyway, I am now skirting Ebay and various other sites. Wish me luck on this!


Brenda said...


We have 4 of them. I admit they're not as large as what you're looking for but all 4 of them are different styles and that works great for us.

It's funny but we'll say like " OK, you all take the red stripe and you take the flowered one.." It really makes the yard look festive.

We got ours at Big Lots.

Anonymous said...

For the umbrella try here
They have 10ft offset for as little as $140.00 /w free shipping. At $1000.00 they seem like a pretty high end umbrella. Now being a Pittsburgher, I am not a regular buyer of umbrellas so buyer beware.

Good luck with your shopping.

Anonymous said...

Try they have the big one with the offset arm that are easily positioned over the pool. I think they are $300 each.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie
A friend of mine has a house in FL.
she has a pool enclosure. I believe these also can provide protection from the sun. You may want to check into one for Kev.

Ashten said...

Tell my husband that i said happy birthday =] I don't have his number anymore or i would have called him lol I can't wait to see you guys at riverfest, i've seriously been counting down the days since Moe told me!!!!
♥You all!!!

Long-time RN said...

Sure hope Kevin is feeling better.
Good luck in the umbrella hunt!

Anonymous said...

Kevin has BX/PX (AAFES) privileges. Try their online site.
Army Mom

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Kevin! I hope he's feeling better today. That is concerning about the pain in his head, but maybe it is the patch, like you said. I've heard they can have yucky side-effects.

Good luck with your patio furniture search! Spending all that money is stressful, hope you can find some good deals!

Take care. I'll be thinking of you all and praying for you.

Diana Bellman said...

Hope you're feeling better.
Happy Belated birthday to Breezy too.
Love you all

mikki said...

Leslie... I know a few people that have things like this over their pools...

or here:

they are like triangle-shaped umbrella things...

they also use them over playgrounds down here (FL). sending my love thoughts your way!