Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 303 - Mar 30, 2009

I think it's safe to say that we all had a pretty good day. Diane, Mary Jo and I went to the beach and I just slept for an hour or so while they walked along the surf. And I was so happy to find out that this beach offers those wheelchairs that will travel on the sand. Kevin wants to go to the beach so much and I told him we would when my family is here over Easter. It's going to be difficult because he can't be in the sun, but we'll manage.

And from what I am told, Kevin and Breezy had a good day too. He was tired because he claims that he didn't sleep at all last night, but he was still in a good mood.

He also went for the other eye exam today and now we are being told that he doesn't need glasses after all. I have no idea. I know the blurriness is caused by the vertigo so I guess we'll see about the rest.

And we got some fabulous news today! Mary, our FRC (Fed Rec Coordinator) called and told us we will be going back to BAMC the first week of May. YAY!!! I know for sure that Kevin will have his neck release and I'm not sure what else yet. I believe they will be looking at his eyes to possibly have that done too. I just can't wait to get his neck fixed! It will be so nice to have him be able to look up at me and be able to eat properly. I can tell you that Kevin's face lit up when we talked about it tonight. Thank you, Mary!

And unfortunately Breezy is leaving in the morning and Mary Jo and Diane are leaving in the afternoon. What a bummer. We all really laughed a lot and just had a good time the past few days. But on a good note, my dad is arriving tomorrow. We sure will eat good from here on out, lol! (My dad was an executive chef)


Retta said...

Leslie that's so wonderful. Sounds like things 'are coming together'. I do hope you are feeling much better. Terrific that your Dad is coming down, but will miss Breezy.
I'm so thrilled that the future looks so much better.
God bless you all richly, and a big BIG hug for Kevin. What a guy!! He's my special fella.

Anonymous said...

How long will you be at BAMC in San Antonio? Keeping you in my prayers.

Valerie said...

Leslie, it's just amazing to me how far you've come in 300+ days! Well, actually it's Kevin who has progressed, but it's you, too. I continue to be inspired by your strength. It has been wonderful seeing your layouts posted again! I know it's been a good day when you can scrap. I continue to keep all of you in my prayers.

And how exciting that you have a cook arriving soon! Does he bake cheesecake?


Long-time RN said...

Yeah on BAMC!

Thoughts and prayers.

Jessica said...

That great news about Kevin's neck surgery! I'm glad he has something to look forward to. Also good news about his eyes. Every little positive thing helps!

I'll be praying for you all and thinking of you.

Lorraine said...

When is dinner if Dad is cooking? That helps sooo much just to have someone do dinner.
What does BMAC stand for is it Baltimore? Pool looks great.
Lorraine, Rick and "Howard"